Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kitchen And Dining Area Make Over

Even before hubby arrived home for his vacation, I am already requesting him to help me with a "little make over" in our kitchen and dining.  I want our kitchen cabinet repainted and I want to change our counter top tiles as some of the old tiles were already worn out.  Well, not really in bad condition but I just hate seeing things not in order (lol).  I just want the kitchen counter top look more spacious and kitchen stuff be in their right place.  Initially, my kitchen counter top was a bit messy as there are lots of kitchen stuff located on it. We've decided to bring out our dish cabinet in our dirty kitchen to give way to the new microwave oven which I've purchased before hubby arrived home. 

Hubby also changed the lights as a bonus and I just felt so grateful that he really collaborated with this "little project".  he loves to paint, that's a fact and that's a plus factor as we do not need to hire a painter and could save on our budget for the make over. :)

I used to place a curtain before on that cute window but since we've changed the lights in the kitchen, hubby and I both agreed that it would look better and simple without a curtain.

We have installed a floating shelf on top of the microwave for some cute jars where I placed some tea bags, sugar, coffee and creamer.  Since the shelf is quite big, we also placed there that cute decorative lamp which I bought from Bangkok during our recent visit there.

We've changed our curtains to match the color of the cabinets and installed a wall fan right in front of the dining table.

I know that our kitchen and dining is not really that elegant compared to other kitchen deigns I've seen online but thanks God, I am satisfied.  What is important for me is that it is simple, clean and organized.  I hate clutter and I love to organize, for me that's freeing myself from stress.  Sounds like a real home maker eh!

 So that's it!I might be doing some minor touch ups every now and then but what's important is that we were able to do a simple project for summer that's pleasant and worthwhile.

Until my next make over!

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