Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lights and Sounds Corner

My daughter had just introduced some fresh ideas for her room.  When hubby was here, she requested for a loft type of bed so she could make use of the space underneath the bed.  She made use of that space as her working area a.k.a. study area. I have actually thought of that a long time ago as I am much into space saving ideas kind of thing.  My daughter's idea was just timely as her Dad was here last summer and we made use of his remaining days for a little bit of make over in Mika's bedroom.  Mika initially wanted to have a lights and sounds corner in her room, an idea which she actually derived from a photo that she saw online.  A corner of that room in the photo highlighted the lights and sounds corner where some musical instruments and colorful lights were put on display.  It was amazing actually.  There was a number of electric guitars on display.  I've never seen more sophisticated ones though like the gibson j-35 gutair but a drum set was also included in the display.  

I told my daughter to give up that dream as it would be useless anyway since she doesn't have much time now for her hobby.  Her studies now is her priority so I convinced her to pay more attention to her study area.  Maybe in the future, we could get a new table and chair for her, something that could match the space of her room.  

Well...good luck for that future project Miks!

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