Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Time to Rearrange!

My son just celebrated his birthday few days ago and unfortunately, I wasn't able to give him any present just like his past birthdays.  The month of October is quite unpleasant for all of us in the family as we had experienced a lot of blows. I recently lost my elder brother and mother one after the other.  I wanted to give my son a nice and simple celebration for his birthday but the situation won't allow.  I wanted to buy him Remo Drums or anything that will keep him entertained.  I know that he's in great pain now due to the sudden loss of his grand mom, nonetheless, I know that this too, shall pass.  Our home sweet home is mourning too for the loss of my Mom, thus we are planning to rearrange things in the house especially in her bedroom so we can all move on to a new life without her.  Hope everything will be okay soon.

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