Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Project for January 2015? - Declutter!

Since beginning of January, the day after the 18th birthday celebration of my daughter has ended, I already began my mission for January of 2015....declutter. Yes, I maybe known to many of my friends online and offline as well as by my family members as a person who loves organization a lot. I don't know but I just can't stand being in a messy place.  I am a person who'd rather throw and donate rather than keep things which don't have any use to me anymore.  I am now beginning to be an advocate of a minimalist life style.  Well, from what I've read minimalism has a relative meaning, it actually depends on the person's preference of what a minimalist life style should be.  You should be the one defining what you actually need in a home or in any part of your home.  I guess people's preference change as they grow older. (lol)

When I was still starting a career and and just acquired my own home,  I love to buy anything for the house.  I wouldn't leave a store without me buying a single thing for my home whether it be a decorative piece, a kitchen aid, a piece of furniture, beddings, linens, etc.  I don't really care whether it is a necessity or of good quality.  I just keep buying.  Fast forward, I've discovered that I have a lot of kitchen tools in the kitchen cabinets and some other things that are just kept and not being used. Actually, I often forget what I buy the moment I placed these in the storage cabinets already.  Then later on, me and my husband would realize the necessity of having more and more storage cabinets and shelves to hold our growing stuff at home.

It would be a different thing this time as I've already sorted out the things inside every storage cabinet I have at home. I  choose and clean the ones that I think would still be good for current and future use. Those that are already worn out were thrown and the ones that are still usable but I don't need were donated to relatives. Day by day, I see to it that I am able to declutter one or two cabinets at home and I am positive that by the end of January, I'm totally done with decluttering and organization. 

To help me get through with this objective, I bought some plastic storage boxes.  This is not cheap huh.. and I need quite a lot, so I've decided that I would just buy few first for the more important ones and I would buy a piece or two every month until I already have enough for my storage and organization projects.  I actually bought few of various sizes to fit the the things I intend to store.

So this is it! I am looking forward to becoming clutter free by the end of January.  

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