Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Decorate Your Homes With Candles

I don't really know what's special with candles but I would say that this is my favorite decorative piece in the house.  There are so many great crafts and designs that you can do with candles and these can be dressed up easily according to the occasion. Aside from illuminating your homes and your outdoor rooms or gardens, candles can also help in relaxation especially the scented ones.

It's easy to find candles in any form, shape or scent but the most exciting part is decorating these with ribbons and other forms of embellishment to make it more attractive, then you can finish the look k by setting it on a pedestal, putting it on a ceramic glass, clear vases, fish bowls (same like what I've done in the picture) and even on tin cans or mason jars.  The ideas are endless.  These candles then can be placed on side tables, center tables in the living room and dining table for a hand made decorative touch.

You can shop for candles almost everywhere and archipelago candles are some of the best I've found online. I'm looking for more ways to decorate my home with candles and this time, I am thinking of using recyclable materials to get a more crafty look. 

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