Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Party Table Centerpiece

We've done these cute party table center pieces for a client last April 12, during the 7th birthday celebration of her son Nash.  There are two sizes of tables, one for the adult guests and another one which is smaller for kids.  So, we have to come up with two sets of design for center pieces, as well.  

This design was used as a center piece for the adult table.  Since the party theme is Lego, we try to maintain the presence of the Lego characters but since the table is intended for the adults, we incorporate some twigs in a clear vase for an added drama.

For the kiddie table, we just manage to have a smaller version of the center piece minus the twigs. We retain the Lego characters though and the colorful pom-pom. The printed name of the celebrant was still included to add a personal touch.  We made a mini version for the kids table since the table is much smaller and we don't like the idea that the table would appear to be congested.  You know, kids are very playful so we have to lessen the objects or display on the table. :) 

This is the up close version of the adult table center piece.  It came out so cute and colorful that it really matches the party theme.  We are very pleased to know that our client and her guests were satisfied with the designs that we've came up with. 

This is very easy to do and all it takes is just a little sense of creativity plus hard work as making pompoms is also quite tedious if you need to come up with many.  But if you love arts and crafts, this is very easy.

You can have this design for your your future parties and change the cartoon character print outs to stay within the theme.

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