Thursday, July 2, 2015

Acquring Your Dream Home

When I was working abroad, I've met a lot of OFW's who had been very vocal about their desire of acquiring their own homes.  In fact, they told me that this is one of the main reasons why they moved to work abroad. They told me that acquiring their dream homes will not be possible if they will just work in the country, considering that they are still sending children to school and that the cost of living in the Philippines is getting higher and higher.  The only way for them to earn extra and finance a new home is to go abroad.  Well, I could understand their sentiments, I knew that owning a home is the ultimate dream of every Filipino.  It's a good thing that we've managed to own some properties even before I decided to work abroad. Actually, this is possible even if we are just working in our own country, the only thing is that, you should know how to manage your finances well. Limiting unnecessary spending and setting priorities are the ones that you have to master if you are really keen on owning your dream home.  If you don't have the required cash to purchase your new home, you could always resort to getting a loan from bank loan Philippines.  Before doing this, you have to make sure that you are capable of paying the monthly amortization and that this won't be taken from the monthly budget you set for your overhead expenses at home.  If you only have a little bit extra from your monthly net income, then you may want to start looking for a part time job or other source of income to be able to afford the monthly payments without difficulty.  From what I know, most of the people resorting to this option committed a mistake of jumping into getting a personal loan without assessing their capability to pay, that's why they ended up unsuccessful.  On the other hand, I've also seen some people who managed to do this successfully without much difficulty. The key to everything is proper planning.  If you are lucky enough, you can even apply for a car loan after you are settled with your home.

It would be best to come up with a goal and establish ways to work on your goals.  Now a days, car loan calculator Philippines is already accessible, to enable you to get an idea of how much you need to pay monthly for a car loan which could be obtained by setting your amount of loan plus your desired paying period.  You could choose what is the payment terms that is most suitable for you and your family.

Always remember that having a goal is always good provided that you will use this as an inspiration to work harder.  Managing your finances wisely is the ultimate way of acquiring your dream home. Believe me, it's possible.  All you need is just a bit of sacrifice, discipline and determination. Spending for luxury or "wants" is always tempting especially in this age where commercialism is on top of the game.  But remember, nothing can be achieved without proper discipline.

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