Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DIY Dog Bed

Since we have two house dogs, one male shih-tzu and one shih-tzu and Japanese Spitz mix breed, I am in search of affordable dog beds.  I browse some online shops and pet stores around our area and I find these to be quite expensive.  Considering that I have to buy two for our two dogs, that's quite a big amount of money to be spared from our monthly budget.  I've seen the sample dog beds on pet shops and through online stores and I found that this is nothing short of a plastic basket or tray with soft and pretty cushion on it.  So I told myself, why don't I just make one for our lovely pets.  So my frugal instinct led me to a thrift store and buy some cheap plastic trays.  We have extra foam sheets at home and cut it to a desired size.  After that, I made use of old pillow cases to cover the foam. Thereafter, I bought some nicely printed foot rugs to be placed on top of the foam sheets and placed these inside the plastic tray.

My shih-tzu pet loved it just the same and I was so pleased on how easy it is for me to train him to use his new made bed. :)  I would just say "go to bed" and point to the DIY bed and he would immediately follow my instruction and position himself inside the plastic tray turned bed.  

So cute!  I think I only spent a fraction of what I supposed to spend buying one from pet stores and I think it does the same thing, to keep my dog warm during the cold nights. :)

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