Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gardening As A Hobby

If there's one thing that I owe to my Mom, that's my love for plants.  Ever since I was a kid, I would witness my Mom's love for gardening. We didn't have an elaborate backyard to fulfill that hobby way back then but I could see how happy she was nurturing a small size plant box in front of our house. Sometimes, I could see her bringing home some plants whenever she came from the market to buy our foods. She just can't resist buying a couple pot of plants whenever she sees someone selling them on streets.

When I got married and able to have my own house,  I had the wonderful opportunity to have my Mom stayed with me and since we have quite a spacious backyard, me and my Mom were able to fulfill the hobby of gardening.  Our yard then was filled with many flowering and ornamental plants. Some we bought from a garden shop and some were given to us by neighbors and relatives.  Since then, my love for gardening never ceased.  

Here are some of my plants in our home garden:

I would admit, I am a self taught gardener, although I would read some gardening books available online, I would still love to experiment for I know that experience is the best teacher.  I am proud to say that I derived a great pleasure from this hobby.  This, aside from my shih-tzu pet is my stress reliever.  I get a lot of advantages out of this hobby, one of which, of course, is getting a good exercise, providing a healthy air for myself and my family is another consideration and lastly,  the fact that it helps to beautify our front yard is more than enough reason for me to keep the hobby.

I am looking forward to adding more plant varieties to my garden and hopefully, a mini herb garden and also a vegetable garden which would be enough even just for our own personal consumption. :)

Gardening is indeed an awesome hobby!

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