Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Choosing The Right Home For You

Having invested on properties myself, I have undergone a lot of experiences building my own home. Our first home was a spec home while the second one from where my family currently lives in is a custom home.  This puts me on a better position to make a comparison between the two.  Our first home was bought under a time constraint, we really need a place to stay at that time and that explains why we have to go for spec home.  One advantage of a spec home is that it is readily available, no waiting time required.  Also, because this is more of a generic house that was built with no specific buyer on mind, specifications are standard, thus budget wise, this is definitely affordable.

But why did I bought another home that is custom built?  The answer is simple, during the years that my family lived on our first home, we feel the lack of special features that we certainly look for in a house, like it doesn't have a proper garage, enough garden space, a running area for our dogs,etc.  I find the bathroom to be too small too.  These inconveniences led us to buying our second home which was built on our own specifications.  Also, we could personally witness the construction process, thus we were assured of getting the details according to what we wanted.

But the way I look at it, it wont hurt you as well if you will combine the best of both options.  I think if you have a problem on the budget especially if you are just starting to build your family, you could opt to buy a spec home, then later introduce some improvements.  Same thing goes through with custom homes.  These can be remodeled anytime you feel that there is a need to.  Sometimes, our family gets bigger and we also get better in terms of our finances, so remodeling is definitely not far from our plans.  As a matter of fact, I am so fascinated with custom home before and after photos I am seeing online.  This only proves that expertise, experience and professionalism of a home builder really counts if you want to increase the value of your home while being free from all the stress associated with home renovations.  A beautifully remodeled home does not only increase it's value but will definitely improve your quality of life in the long run.

Before and After Photos courtesy of hgtv

Imagine living in a home that fits perfectly according to your life style?  This is definitely possible with the right builder and for this reason, it is just wise for you to choose the best one that could live up to your expectations and give you back your money's worth.  After all, we deserve to have the best from our investments.

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