Saturday, September 12, 2015

Designing Small Balconies

It's always been a requirement for most home owners to have balconies or porches in front of their houses which I completely understand.  It's really nice to have a space to relax, drink coffee and get a breath of fresh air.  However, the challenge in most cases is how to decorate a small balcony space and this is particularly true on apartments and condominiums where space is always limited.

You maybe surprised that there are a handful ways to design even a small balcony space but the common denominator on most designs I see, such as the designs here below is the presence of potted plants.  To give your balcony space a "homey feel", plants should always be incorporated in your design.  These should come in cute chic containers and painted anyway you like it.

Outdoor furniture should be kept to a minimum and should always consists of a coffee table and a couple of chairs.  Other accessories, of course will be according to the space available but I guess, the lesser, the better. :)

Remember that fabrics and colors usually give a magic to your designs and depending on your personality and preference, this could definitely add to the overall impact and appearance of your small balcony. :)

Let not space define your limit!

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