Friday, September 11, 2015

Essential Power Tools For Your Home DIY Projects

Although, most people won’t agree that power tools are the best replacement for hand tools, but, they can’t disagree that they make your job faster and easier. They are the best option for mundane jobs and heavy duty jobs where time is of the essence. There will be plenty of cases where hand tools give better results, but there are also numerous daily activities that need power tools to wind them faster and possibly of the same quality as that of hand tools. Most power tools can yield results a lot faster and better like making precision cuts, angle cuts or drilling a straight hole and many more where technology plays better than human beings.

Cordless Drill

This is one of the essential of the most essential tools in the kit of a modern handyman. In any case it can put even the best of the hole-drillers to shame with its efficiency, might and swiftness. It is easy to carry and use and with recent advancements in battery technology they are becoming more friendly, versatile and reliable.

You can drive fasteners to bolts, drive small pilot hole to large ones to carry electrical cords in seconds. Dewalt, Makita and Bosch are some of the best equipment manufacturers in the market that produce 18V drills. You also get 12V drills in the market. This is a definitive piece for everyday job and gets a nice one at $100-200 that goes on for years.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

The essence of destructing is the next most valuable task in construction. This is an art that is studied in its glory. The power tool comes with very small but ultra-fast vibrating pieces that fixes with blades of variety of shapes and sizes and chips though every known material. If you want to break through a wall, cut wood, clean the grout, prune the trees and anything like these, go get one for you. It can cost around $100 at their starting prices. Do take care and use the right kind of blade, mostly while cutting through walls because they might contain water or the electrical cable. It has a lot of accessories and is far more skilled than you can possibly think of. It is useful for scraping to cutting.

Reciprocating Saw

This is also popular as the Sawzall Miluwakee and is used for all demolition purposes. It can cut through, wall, pipes and plumbing tubes, wooden work, trees and all that can be chipped. The blade is good enough if you used the right one. They have models with rotating handles that might be useful in some cases. They are the best if corded because they are meant for only heavy duty action and need enough power that cordless ones can’t supply. In all the circumstances blades are critically important.

There might be other tools like a circular saw, a miter saw and such pieces that are in use, but the most essential and needy ones are listed above. Of course, this is for general purposes.

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