Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quick Fixes For The Most Common Home Problems

As a home maker, we do encounter a bit of problem here and there and just like me, I'm sure you are hoping that you could solve the problem by yourself instead of paying a handy man.  Sometimes, the problem is too minor and perhaps so easy to fix but because we used to rely to a handy man, we just sacrifice spending quite a big amount of money to pay for their services rather than trying to do things on our own.  I myself encountered this a number of times.  Sometimes, I'm just too lazy to find a quick fix for my problem and opted to call and pay a handy man.  But do you know that you could save a lot of money by knowing the quick fixes for these common problems.  After all, it may not be too difficult as we think they are.

Here are some quick fixes for the most common home problems:

  • You can actually use a single container of baby powder to tackle most common home problems at home.  Baby powder can be used to fix squeaky floor boards.  The same goes through with getting rid of oily stains on fabrics.You could also apply some baby powder to restore water damaged books, even remove nasty smell from old wooden furniture.  Not only that, this is also a good remedy for preventing pet odors.  Giving your dogs a dry bath using baby powder during rainy season will definitely help so they won't feel cold.
  • If you encounter stripped screws from time to time, the best remedy is to place a rubber band between the screw and the screw driver.  The rubber will help to grip the screw.
  • A tiny tear in your window screen could be resolved by applying a clear finger nail polish.
  • For clogged drain on bathroom and sink, your best bet would be a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar, you could lessen or add on the amount depending on the situation.  It works well for many home makers.
  • Loose laminate counter tops can be fixed by using adhesives. Apply it beneath the laminate and pressed down strongly or put something heavy until it dries up. 
  • Stuck up door locks or gate locks that's too difficult to open with the key can be fixed by putting some lubricants like grease oil or any oil that you have at home.  Let the oil sits in for at least 30 minutes before trying to open again.
Many annoying home problems can be remedied without having to ask for a professional help.  The key is just knowing the basic fixes that we could do using simple materials that we do have at home. This way, we could save some amount of money paying a handy man and use that money for other more important things.

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