Monday, November 16, 2015

Gardening As A Hobby

Gardening is one of my many hobbies and this is something that I cannot do without.  I don't know but there's a kind of excitement and happiness every time I tender my garden.  No doubt, it's time consuming but I derived a great pleasure just by watching my plants grow.  In fact, I am long been planning to go to vegetable gardening as well.  Just few weeks ago, I tried to plant bell pepper seeds in an empty pot of soil in my garden and guess what? I could now see the bell pepper plant about 2 inches in height but already have flowers...meaning to say, I would be seeing my bell peppers soon! It really excites me because I just planted from scratch.  In fact, the seeds were just taken from my kitchen scraps.

I used to propagate my plants by cutting the stem and re planting.  I considered myself having a "green thumb" since it seems to be very easy for me to grow plants even if I planted these without roots.  I believe in the old folks saying that if you treat your plants with tender loving care, they will also love you in return.

These are the photos of my ornamental plants which were propagated through "cuttings".  From the leaves alone, you could see that these plants are healthy. :)

Aside from giving me a fresh air to breathe, these plants really beautify my porch and yard.  This, I think is the cheapest way to decorate your homes.  No matter how small or simple your house is, try surrounding it with lots of plants and you will be amazed with the result... your house will appear to be very attractive and beautiful.

This is why I love gardening, I get all the benefits and it keeps me stress free. :)

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