Saturday, December 26, 2015

A New Color For Our Home Sweet Home

I remembered to have posted here few months ago that I have chosen orange color for our home interior and this made our home really warm and inviting. The paint lasted for almost 5 years I guess before it finally shows some signs of chipping.  Since we are a family who loves to maintain the house and because we have finally decided to introduce a new color for the new year, we have decided to choose earth color for our home this time.  This is both on the exterior and interior of the house.  This is actually a total make over. We have chosen a lighter shade for the house interior though for a change.  The cappuccino color seems to be clean and neat and looks really decent. It matches perfectly with the Maple accent.

Earth color is our theme for the coming year and I love that we were able to get the perfect shade that we want. It's really different when you're comfortable with your home, it gives you a sense of happiness and satisfaction.  You will feel like it's okay to be at home most of the time as you can feel relaxed and  comfortable.  A perfect feeling for a homebody like me. :)

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