Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Refresh Your House With Paint

Like what we usually do every time hubby comes back home for a vacation, we have allotted specific budget for house paint.  Hubby usually make some touching up in the house like spot painting of dirty walls or putting a remedy to steel fence beginning to acquire rusts. However this time, it's a little bit different, as we are going to paint the whole house.  We are both convinced that the house needs to be freshen up and there's no better way than to do it with paint.  After all paint is the cheapest way to liven up a house and make it looking fresh and new.

So our first task was to choose a color.  Well, we had series of arguments here, my daughter likes cappuccino and maple and I prefer something darker in shade like mocha.  Well, we've tried my daughter's suggestion first, hubby bought a pail of cappuccino and about two gallons of maple and tried it at the back of the house, in our dirty kitchen. The result is okay except that I am not really super satisfied with the look that I want.  So we have decided to keep the remaining paint for the entire fence of the yard.  

 mocha and maple combination

 cappuccino and maple for the fence

So far, we have achieved the new color that I really want for our house and it gives us great satisfaction knowing that we have given our home sweet home the much needed make over.

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