Sunday, December 11, 2016

Importance Of Children At Home and In The Family

The thought of motherhood is not usually associated with unprecedented health and wellness. Instead, most women imagine stretch marks and the loss of their waistlines. However, surprisingly, there are many benefits that giving birth bestows upon a woman and many of these benefits greatly improve a woman's health and overall wellness.

Decreased Predisposition to Cancer
Giving birth actually reduces a woman's chances of developing several types of cancer. Breast cancer is one of them. This is possible because giving birth causes the breasts to completely mature, making them less susceptible to cancerous changes. Another perk is the fact that estrogen levels decline significantly during pregnancy and the protective hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) circulates through the body.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding has amazing benefits as well. Women who choose to breastfeed can enjoy all the health benefits breastfeeding creates for the baby as well as for herself because breastfeeding prevents precancerous cells from forming in the breast tissue. However, in order to receive this health benefit, a woman must consistently breastfeed for several months.

Diminished Female Problems
If you are a woman who suffers from endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or polycystic ovaries, you'll be happy to learn that childbirth often diminishes the painful symptoms of these disorders and sometimes makes them disappear altogether. The process of pregnancy and childbirth has a tendency to lessen the impact of many of these female disorders.

Women with children tend to be just as happy if not happier than their childless counterparts. Women with children statistically feel more fulfilled and experience fewer instances of loneliness and isolation. Just as many manufacturers have discovered the benefits of using wood poles within the utility industry, many women have discovered the value and depth that caring for someone other than themselves can create in their lives. Research has also revealed that women who have children and maintain good relationships with them are also happier later in life and experience less depression.

There are many healthy benefits that can be derived from having children. From a reduced risk of several forms of cancer to more happiness and satisfaction, motherhood definitely has certain privileges and benefits. For example, just as a mother's milk is the best nutrition for the baby, breastfeeding is extremely healthy for the mother as well. Even though many women associate the loss of their waistlines and other aesthetic maladies with motherhood there are many amazing health and wellness benefits to experience just by making the choice to give birth.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Aerial Plants

I recently bought some aerial plants to decorate my lanai. If I'm not mistaken, these are called "pakpak lawin".  This kind of aerial plants are really good for outdoor rooms and porches.  I used to have these before hung on our terrace but unfortunately, this didn't last long.  I don't know what went wrong but from experience, this kind of aerial plant is very difficult to thrive if not attached to the bark of a tree.  This has been my second time to give it another try since I really love this "pakpak lawin". 

This time, I tried adding some charcoal in a small plastic container and this is where I put the "pakpak lawin".  I wouldn't say that I am 100 hundred per cent successful because not all of these repotted aerial plants survive.  I still have few left though, but I was a bit disappointed not all of them survived.  I'm still searching whether it is because of the absence of sun light or because the small plastic container do not have holes to drain water.  I think if I have to buy another of this variety, I must try attaching this onto a drift wood.   

Since I failed with this for the second time, I am thinking of trying another aerial plant variety that's not too hard to maintain.  Maybe water plant or "Manaog Ka Irog".

At this stage, I'm still not satisfied with my garden.  I still want to grow more varieties of ornamental plants and probably a vertical vegetable garden.

I can't wait to post here my vertical vegetable garden which I have just started.

Till my next post!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Adding A Modern Touch

The front room of the home, often known as the living room, is one of the areas that you want to showcase more than others as it's the room where visitors will see first and where the family will spend the most time. When you begin adding frontroom furnishings, think about an accent wall where you will place a couch as well as a wall that you might want to paint a different color so that you can highlight your favorite decorations and accessories. This could also be the wall where a fireplace would be in the room. A plant or two could be added on each side of the fireplace or a modern bookcase in the center of the wall with chairs on each side. 

A idea if you plan on entertaining or if you have a large family is to get two large couches, positioning them across from each other with a coffee table in the center. Gold accents with dark gray or black couches and added white furnishings is a modern trend that is popular in many homes. Natural textures in a room that is full of beige and white is another option if you want a modern look. Teal, orange or blue would be ideal to place with the natural background. The natural setting gives a relaxing environment while maintaining an eclectic appearance. 

If you plan on changing your decorations during the year, consider a neutral color with the couches, chairs and other large items that are in the room. Stagger the height of the couches with chairs as the eyes will have something to take in while scanning upon entry. The neutral colors will allow for adding bright pillows, lamps and other decorations that will pop in the room. If you have an open space, then consider overstuffed couches and chairs as well as larger accessories, such as a wall clock and coffee table that take up more room than the traditional design. You'll find that this idea makes the room seem full instead of using furnishings that are of a traditional size in a bigger room.

Cheaper Alternative For Home Decors

I think decorating on a budget would always be the concern of every Mom. I know that it isn't a must to decorate if you are really on a tight budget, but what about if you can have some improvised home decors without having to spend much. You just need to have an ounce of creativity and you will surely come up with some exciting ideas that's not only unique but attractive. 

Let's take this jar as an example, which I made out of the empty plastic dog food container.  I have one of this every month and I keep these instead of throwing because I know that I can turn these into something decorative and useful.  You ca use this as extra storage jar for anything that you would like to store and because it is dressed up, it can be a decorative piece, too. 

Another one I made is this cute corner decor which is actually made from twigs and small branches that I just took from the backyard.  I spray painted it for an extra color, added some flowers from recycled plastic bottles and just added some string lights for an added drama.  This really looks awesome during night time when the living room is dim. It is simple but looks elegant.

Now, I'm up to doing more weekend projects in time for Christmas! :)

Getting Ready to Sell? Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

A lot of people who are looking to sell their home feel like they can list their house and get a fair price pretty quick. After all, most markets are in an upswing right now. Even if yours isn’t skyrocketing like some, most markets are doing pretty well for sellers.

The fact is that you may be limiting the amount of people who want to buy your home if your house isn’t in the best possible shape. From basic curb appeal, to maintenance that you’ve been putting off, you can’t expect to get top-dollar for a home that isn’t in very good shape.

You could also be walking away from bids over the asking price if your home doesn’t look its best. Remember that in competitive markets, sellers often get more than they asked when motivated buyers really love a house.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to make sure you get the most money from your home when you’re ready to sell.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Your lawn is one of the first things that people will see when they come to your home. Whether you’ve got an open house or not, people will need to park at your home before they can see the interior.

To really make a big impact from the first time somebody comes to your house, consider replacing the grass on your lawn. Re-sodding your lawn may cost you a little bit of money, but it’s one of those investments that you’ll easily get back when you sell your home for more.

Another option you have to make your home nicer is to plant some new flowers and trees around your home. Even small trees that aren’t mature can make a big difference in how your landscaping looks to prospective buyers.

Repair Your Driveway

Like your lawn, the driveway in front of your home is one of the first things people will see. To make the most of your home, consider hiring a driveway sealing company to help you out. 

When you get your driveway sealed, you’ll save a considerable amount of money over simply redoing it. Sealing your driveway will also last at a handful of years, so it’s a wise investment even if you aren’t selling.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

DIY Garden Accesories

I have made these cute DIY garden accessories out of empty plastic bottles.  The idea came out when I saw our plastic bottles at home accumulating in number.  I saved all these in a big plastic container until I have the free time to make these into flowers to adorn my garden.  This is very easy to make. All you need is to cut the upper portion of the plastic bottle, form this into petals and spray with paint on any color of your choice.  I just have started with this first but I will be making more accessories like bugs and butterflies and I also would like to have more colors like blue and yellow.  I think that would really bring life to my garden.

I am really a great fan of arts and crafts.  I am so amazed that so many things can be made out of trash so you only have to spend a minimal amount to turn them into something useful and decorative.
What more? It brings out the creative side of me.

It's a win win situation actually! :)

More on my craft projects on my future posts.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Outdoor Living: Is Rural Living Right For You?

Many of us dream of a home in the country. Something quiet, off the beaten path where we can relax and get back to nature. From mountain cabins that you can purchase in Colorado to Vermont farms for sale, there are many options to explore when looking for a quiet and a more rural existence. So, how do you know if rural living is right for you?

Rural Living Makes People Happier

Scientific studies and research have confirmed what many have long suspected: living in the city is stressful. In fact, research suggests that those who are born and raised in rural areas suffer less from depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. This is because the emotional centers of our brains that process stress are affected by living in crowds. This is great news for anyone who is looking for a quiet, less stressful life in the country. Research backs up what you intuitively already knew. Yes, you will be happier living in the country. 

Living In The Country Could Be The Right Choice For You

A smaller community means that you will find assimilation an easier task. When you move into a smaller rural community, you will find that your neighbors will want to get acquainted with you. Many of them may visit your home and bring your welcoming gifts, strike up conversations in the market, or just stop by to chat. 

Senior Citizens 

Many of those in their fourth quarter of life are searching for ways to make the most out of their golden years. Retired couples often seek the quietude and solace offered by the rural lifestyle. The downside to this quiet existence for seniors is that the distance from their home to hospitals and urgent care facilities may be extended when they choose to live in the country. 

Entertainment Options 

For those wishing to escape the sprawling madness of suburban chaos, the country is perfect. You will not find the traffic and noise associated with large box stores, huge malls, and never-ending lines of chain restaurants. Despite the lack of modern suburban amenities, you will find entertainment of a different sort. In small town communities, folks gather around with the mentality that they are "all in it together." This way of thinking spurs community activities such as school productions, sporting events, local craft fairs, crafting clubs, and other community activities.

Home Prepared Meals

As I am a busy Mom who's always at home and yet, always occupied with lots of of things to do, I can't help but to find ways and means to manage my time well especially when it comes to cooking and preparing foods.  

I think finding ways to have healthy meals available anytime of the day has always been a challenge. There are times that I'm feeling hungry and wants to eat but I simply can't afford  to go back to the kitchen and cook especially when I'm already super tired with all the household chores, and my evening classes are about to start.  There are times, I would just resort to calling my daughter asking her to just buy something from a nearby fast food or restaurant on her way home from school. I know it's not wise to do that everyday, so I have to find ways to plan our meals ahead.

I have thought of preparing this pasta salad in a jar which I could keep in the ref for up to 3 days. The dressing should be placed at the bottom part of the jar, followed by the cooked pasta, then the greens like cucumber, lettuce and onions.  Also, I added some crispy chicken slices to make it more satisfying and filling. 

Apart from this pasta salad in a jar, I also baked some pigs in a blanket which I could just reheat in the microwave anytime I wanted to have a quick snack.  I think it's all worth it.

These pigs in the blanket is so easy to make and you can stock it up for few days consumption. Just reheat in the microwave and you're set to go.

These are just few ideas, more to share soon.

Electro-Mechanics Help Many Businesses

The need for electro-mechanics is increasing in many areas because the technicians help engineers test and operate robotic equipment. Because different industries use different kinds of machinery, a typical electro-mechanical technician must implement certain procedures to achieve specific results.

Electro-Mechanic Service Methods

At most business facilities, electro-mechanical technicians study different schematics and blueprints. They also examine diagrams in order to determine how different electro-mechanical components should be sequenced. Whenever certain components need to be measured, precision tools are always used to ensure professional and reliable results. If needed, a technician may also operate commercial machinery in order to construct fittings and housings.

An electro-mechanical engineer also tackles tasks that involve maintenance. Depending on the industry, various inspection procedures must be implemented to pinpoint defects on vital equipment. Later, if a machine malfunctions, other steps will to taken to repair specific hydraulic components.

Where Services Are Needed

In most cities, business managers need electro-mechanical specialists who understand how to use machines in industrial environments. Businesses that rely on precise data also seek electro-mechanical technicians; in this situation, a mechanical expert must analyze different test results and prepare paperwork. The files basically have information that describes how certain tests were conducted.

Businesses that specialize in electronic component manufacturing use devices that rely on a variable frequency drive. Other industries have machines that use this particular drive as well, such as:

Mining companies
Engineering companies
Manufacturing plants

No matter how an electro-mechanic technician uses a frequency drive, a highly trained expert usually provides help along the way. Many technicians network with mechanical and electrical engineers throughout repair, installation, and maintenance projects. A lot of heavy lifting is done during a typical electro-mechanical job. In some cases, hazardous toxics may have to be used so that a technician can successfully complete specific tasks.

The electro-mechanical industry is very popular, so it’s a great career path. A typical machinery manufacturing technician generates around $57,000 a year. If an electro-mechanical career sounds interesting, you can increase your chance at finding employment by getting a proper education. With a degree, you may be able to land a job that’s more profitable. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Decorating Your Lanai On A Budget

When we had a second floor constructed atop the garage late last year up to beginning of this year, We've purposely included a small lanai behind the staircase. As we have broken down the wall to the dining area and replaced it with a sliding glass partition, I already envisioned that I would like to have a small lanai which I can decorate and filled with ornamental and hanging plants.  I was thinking that it would be a refreshing view from my dining area. If you frequent this blog, then probably you would understand that I am a person who adores plants.  I love gardening so much that it seemed like I have converted our humble home into a peaceful oasis where you can see greens...greens and lots of greens.  

Decorating my small lanai is quite a challenge due to a number of reasons:

First, it has a limited space, so I have to make sure that everything that I will add in that little space will fit in perfectly and will not make the place too crowded.

Second, I have a limited budget to spend for my decors so I have to make the place looks stunning without compromising my funds.

Third, I want it simple and straight forward.

Fourth, I only have myself to work on it, so I have to make things less complicated as possible.

Realizing these requirements, I started to shop for the things that I need and I was happy that I did not overdo my budget and yet I was able to achieve what I actually want perfectly.

Here are some of the photos of our transformed lanai, cute and simple. :)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Home Away From Home

One of the biggest attractions in Subic are the beaches.  When it comes to spending a day in the beach, Subic is always the best option as you can choose to go directly to Subic Bay Freeport Zone or try something more adventurous going through the beaches in Subic town and the various beaches from the provinces in Zambales.

If you want to explore the beaches inside the Subic Bay, you will never ran out of options when it comes to your accommodation.  There are so many beautiful hotels for families, couples, or singles especially along the Boardwalk area and each offers a truly unforgettable experience.  Just take the case of Light House Marina located at Moonbay Marina Complex, Waterfront Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  This, I guess is considered to be one if not the best accommodation in Subic Bay.  We had experienced the best adventure when my family attended a beach wedding by a family friend.  We were amused with the grand facilities offered by the resort.  Both my son and daughter were secondary sponsors and my daughter was so overwhelmed with their yacht photo shoot experience.  The venue was styled elegantly and every detail was carefully looked into.  The beach area is really nice with all the decors set up.  My son had a great time taking photos at the beach. The wedding ceremony started late in the afternoon and a simple cocktail party started right after.  I think this is to give time to the bride and groom to freshen up.  After almost an hour, the program started and we were amazed at how organized everything was. Kudos to the event organizer, imagine a complete set up from fire dances down to the fire works and the foods, yes the foods… that was the best part. The buffet set up was so lavish and sumptuous.  We were seated at the VIP table since I was one of the principal sponsors and that the bride is a good friend of my husband .  We were really served the VIP way.  We had several waiters assigned to our table pouring wines and delivering every food from the buffet table from the appetizer down to the soup, the main courses and the desserts.  Really a five star experience.  The waiters would always check with us if we still want some more and always willingly obliged to our every request. The event host was commendable, he was funny and was able to attract the attention of every guest at the reception.  There were parlor games, dances, speeches and the traditional toast for the newly wed.  The live band who performed during the event was also good although not that great compared to what I’ve experienced on other events I’ve attended.  Needless to say, we had so much fun.  Our favorite part was the fire works display. It was really amazing and captivating.  My daughter sighed in amusement and jokingly told me and his brother that she wishes to have the same wedding which made us all laugh.

As to the facilities of the resort, the rooms were so spacious and the hotel lobby was big,  beautiful and elegant. The hotel staff was very attentive and friendly.  Even the guests’ comfort room at the lobby is huge and very clean. The choice of the furniture is also very distinct.

Perhaps, one of the major attractions at Light House Marina is the Light House itself.  You can appreciate it more during the night time when it is lighted.  I could proudly say that the newly wed did not disappoint their guests with the carefully planned wedding ceremony and reception.  The choice of the venue was excellent.  I could even hear other guests talking how they admire everything, the venue, the preparations, the set up and even the program.

For these reasons, I think this Light House Marina experience was an unforgettable one and I would not hesitate to recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a weekend get away or even a venue for any event. For those who prefer to explore and extend their budget, you can always consult Lonely Planet for more affordable options.

For those who want to visit Light House, you can find it at the Moonbay Marina Complex, Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. You may want to get in touch with the hotel’s front desk through their trunk line (6347) 252-5000 or (6347) 252-7545 or at their toll free Manila Number (632)711-0019.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Garden Experiment - Organic Fertilizer

I was filled with awe seeing my potted Sampaguita plant almost dying. No, not again. I guess this is the fifth time that I've repotted Sampaguita plant and as expected, leaves become dull and dry after a few weeks and there are some brown spots all over the leaves.  I was challenged with this failure...I am a gardener wannabe and I will never give up.  I've read a number of articles online and found out that coming up with your own organic fertilizer is not really that difficult.  As a matter of fact, everything can just be picked up from your kitchen scraps.

I've decided to give it a try. I've concocted my own mixture of organic fertilizer by mixing egg shells, banana peelings, vinegar and coffee grounds. I used a blender to thoroughly mixed all these ingredients, kept it in a jar overnight, then I started to use it with my newly repotted sampaguita plant.  
This is how my plant looked like before I applied the fertilizer:


I mixed my organic fertilizer with the soil on the pot making sure that this touches the roots of the plant.  Then I make sure that it gets a little water everyday.  After two weeks, this is how my Sampaguita plant looked like:


You will notice that it got more leaves now and the color of these leaves are bright green and looks shiny.  I was really happy seeing this big change.  This only shows that I was successful in my newly concocted organic fertilizer.  My Sanpaguita plant now looks very healthy and as of this writing, it still continues to grow more leaves.

To be honest, I intend to use this organic fertilizer for my upcoming vegetable garden since I want to make sure that I would successfully grow my long planned vegetable garden. This is indeed a challenge since, I am looking at container gardening and vertical gardening for my vegetables, so keeping them healthy is really a must.

Now, I became even more determined to push through with my plan and I am going to start working on it very very soon.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

4 Ways to Redecorate Your Bathroom

When was the last time you redecorated your bathroom? If it's been more than a few years, it's time to break out the polish and get to work. Not only will a fresh new bathroom make you feel better about your home, but it will also be healthier and more hygienic for your entire family. If you're ready to say goodbye to rust and hello to rejuvenation, here are a few tips for improving your bathroom.

1. Replace Your Tile

If you have porcelain, replace it with limestone. If you have vinyl, replace it with linoleum. Some people even have bamboo bathrooms, so the sky is the limit when it comes to material types! Just make sure that you don't limit yourself to conventional flooring ideas when you're looking for a renovated bathroom; if you can dream it, you can lay it down.

2. Scrub Your Fixtures

Between sinks, tubs and toilets, you've probably accumulated a lot of grossness around your frequently-used bathroom fixtures. The good news is that they don't have to stay dirty. White vinegar is a miracle worker that can clean just about anything, and where natural remedies fail, there are even stronger commercial-grade cleaning products. You can also find services like tub refinishing Durham NC for difficult items.

3. Paint the Walls

You'd be surprised by how much a simple coat of paint can change the feeling of a room. The secret is to use bright, bold colors instead of variations of the same whites and blacks. Paint your ceiling blue; stencil your mirrors with gold; give your windows pink-and-green trim. Treat your bathroom like any other room when it comes to color palettes and possibilities.

4. Add Decorations

Last but certainly not least, add some decorative pieces to your bathroom. Most people save "the good stuff" for guest-oriented places like the living room and the den, but your bathroom can benefit from a few cheap trinkets if nothing else. Hang a pretty shower curtain; put colorful mats on the floor; display a couple of ceramic frogs on your toilet bowl. You'll appreciate the final effect.

These are just a few ways to jazz up your bathroom. As you can see, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on time-consuming remodeling projects to make a real change in your home. All you need is a little determination and a willingness to take risks!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Decorating With Plants

I guess decorating with plants is the easiest and cheapest way to decorate our homes.  It does not only make our homes environment friendly but it also makes us feel more relaxed and stress free.  If you have a green thumb, you will have a greater advantage since you can propagate your plants more easily.  I have found some inspirations online and I would like to share it here for anyone of you who wishes to freshen up your space.  I'm pretty sure that adding more plants in your homes would surely delight your senses.

Here are few of the design inspirations: 

I am in fact in the process of adding more potted plants at home especially that we have added a new porch outside our dining are and I can't wait to share my own design here in my future posts.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

When you have a nice yard and patio, you are able to enjoy many benefits. You have a nice place where you can entertain friends and family. You have a nice place where your kids can play. You have a perfect spot where you can enjoy your morning coffee. And you have a great place where you can plant flowers and vegetables.

Creating the perfect outdoor space takes a little bit of work. However, this work is well worth it. Some individuals decide to do all of the landscaping on their own. In order for the landscape to turn out right, you need to make a plan and then figure out each step in order to reach the end goal. Others decide to leave the overall planning to landscaping professionals. They will tell the landscaper how they would like the yard to look more or less when it is done, but the professional is the one who will put together all the details and actually do the work. After the landscaper has finished the job, you may decide to do the maintenance on your own.

The type of landscaping you decide on will likely depend on your interests. If you want a big yard where your kids can play, you will probably have trees set in the back of the yard and then a big lawn. If you are more interested in creating a relaxing space where you can enjoy the cool mornings, you may prefer something with more trees, shrubs, and flowers. You may even want a pond or other things in the yard that will attract wildlife.

No outdoor space is complete without a nice place to sit down and relax. The right outdoor furniture London Ontario is also going to depend on what you will do with your outdoor space. If you are primarily going to use the space to entertain guests, you will need a large picnic table or other furniture where many people can sit down. If you want a place to read and enjoy coffee in the morning, you will likely want outdoor furniture that is more comfortable to sit on. No matter what, the outdoor furniture you choose should be durable and easy to clean. You will want something that is attractive and will last for a long time.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fabulous Porch Sign Boards

I once told my family and friends that I prefer to stay in porches and outdoor rooms than inside the house.  That's because I want to see nature.  I love plants, trees, birds, flowers and butterflies.  I don't know but I do get a peace of mind and joy of heart every time I see nature.  It's very relaxing especially when you read a book, drink a cup of coffee or tea and listen to a soft music.  It really warms my heart.  I told my daughter that perhaps, I would be able to write a lot of things while staying on the porch.  I can't wait to see my new porch completed and perhaps, I would be decorating it with my own DIY projects.  I also want to have a small music player.  I am that simple, grand things like hot rails to satisfy my listening pleasure is not my kind of thing.  I prefer to use simple things, easy to operate and not complicated.  Maybe I would use such a thing if it's in line with my business or profession, for now I am contented with simple things that could still do wonders for me.

I hope to put up a porch sign, will be definitely choosing one from the above ideas. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Garden Stones

If you wish to decorate your mini garden but you are tight on a budget, the easiest way to do it is through garden stones.  Garden stones are not so expensive especially if you just need a sack or two. You don't even have to hire a professional to lay it in your garden.  This could be a good weekend project for the whole family.  

You see, from the above photo, a mini porch was transformed into a simple but lovely place just by the use of few garden stones, garden accessories and few potted plants.  It looks so cozy yet so simple.  I am now working on the new outdoor room just adjacent to our dining area, I am considering a zen inspired room and is planning to use a lot of stones in that area since I still have a lot from the last project.

I can't wait to post photos once it's done. :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Party Preparations

I was going through my photos in my desktop folder when suddenly I saw these pics of my daughter's debut party.  It was already one and a half year since we've celebrated her debut but until now, I still can very well remember all the details of the party and all the excitements we had felt during the preparations. Me and my son conceptualized everything.  We didn't hire a planner or an event stylist, everything was a DIY kind of thing and once again, our creativity paid off.

Party venue charges extra for the lighting effects but sound system was included in the package.  We wanted to bring a small band like acoustic band as part of the entertainment but we were advised that we have to pay extra for that.  It was not a practical idea so we just settled with the in house sound system.  They have a big speaker amp though and we thought that it was good enough, so we just commissioned a family friend who sings well to be our singer for the night.

The party turned out to be a huge success.  The party set up was done tastefully, simple but elegant. My daughter was so happy and cannot thank me enough. She had received a lot of compliments from her visitors and friends, citing that her party was one if not the most unique and coolest party they have ever attended.  Remembering how happy my daughter was during this very important event in her life just gave me that joyful feeling.  I am looking forward to more happy parties for her and probably this time, we would just be doing it in the house as we have already done a lot of home make over.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tips for Finding a Qualified Exterminator

Do you have a serious insect problem at your home, apartment or business? If you do, this sort of problem must be taken care of as soon as possible. Insects such as termites can destroy the foundation of your home. This means that they could cause major structural damage to your home if they are not removed quickly. You will find no shortage of exterminators if you go through the phone book or check online. Which company should you hire? This can be a difficult question. However, you should never make the mistake of believing that all of these companies offer the same level of skill and experience. Here are a few tips that will help you hire an extermination company to solve your pest problem.

1. Does the exterminator use green methods that are friendly to the environment?

You should not only be concerned about the removal of the insects from your home. You should also think about the way the exterminator will leave the environment after he leaves. Do you have small children or pets? If so, you need to ensure their safety by only hiring an extermination company that has a green approach to the way they remove pests from your home. You need to make sure the environment will still be safe for your children and pets once the pests have been successfully removed. Fortunately, there are many exterminators who have adopted green methods that they use to remove the insects from your home. 

2. Does the exterminator have at least five years of experience?

Exterminating insects at your home or business is not a job that you want an inexperienced person in charge of. You need to be absolutely certain that the person handling this job knows what he or she is doing. This is why it is so important to verify an exterminator's level of experience before they begin work.

3. Can the exterminator begin work right away?

You do not want to sit around for several days after you discover a pest problem. You need to find a Cape Coral exterminator who will come to your house within 24 hours of the time you call them. You should not tolerate a longer wait than that. Keep calling exterminators until you can find one that can come the same day or the next day. You need an exterminator who makes you a priority.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Coffee Station

If there's one thing that I can't do without, that's having a cup of warm coffee every morning when I wake up and in the afternoon, while having a break.  I wouldn't call myself a coffee addict but coffee is something that keeps me going.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee soothes my senses.  Because of my great love for coffee, I just thought of why not have a coffee station at home.  That would be a nice idea, I think.  I love something like these:

Well, I am thinking that if you have an organized coffee station at home, perhaps you will never find the need to visit any coffee shop where you need to spend a treasure just for a cup of fresh coffee. Indeed, it's true because I do bake cakes, cup cakes and other sweets, so there is really no reason for me to visit an expensive coffee shop except when I need to have a change of ambiance.  But you see, I'm doing my best to make my home a relaxing place to stay so having coffee elsewhere will only happen once in a while.

The designs for coffee bar/station as shown from the above photos are really perfect for a simple DIY coffee bar.  You just have to be creative, so there's no need to spend much really.  I especially like the quotes on canvass, I think they are super fun and cute.  I can't wait to have one soon. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sunrooms Have Many Uses

A sunroom can be just that, a place to relax and enjoy the sun and fresh air as well as the outdoor scenery but within the comfort, weather-free, and bug-free atmosphere of the indoors. A sunroom can also be the site of additional space in order to entertain guests or business customers or co-workers, become the home office to give it an additional purpose in the pleasant surroundings, be an exercise room filled with appropriate equipment, be used for growing plants and starting seedlings, be a crafts or hobby display room, or for anything else for which you might like to use it. There is the additional asset that it also adds value to your property.

Other names

A sunroom is also called a sun porch, sun parlor, solarium, patio room, Florida room, a garden room, garden conservatory, and a few other flattering names for an attached or integrated structure that allows the pleasure of the surrounding landscape while being in the shelter of your home. 

Benefits and Advantages

1. Construction costs often are less than those for other types of additions because of the savings if you simply close in a porch, deck or patio. In addition, installing screened windows lets in sunshine and fresh air. 

2. Sunrooms cost around one-third less than a stick-built room and is usually completed an average of 60 percent faster. 

3. Construction supervisors and/or project managers are available at any time throughout the building of the sunroom to explain all phases to you as the homeowner and to make sure that everything flows efficiently, smoothly, with the best craftsmanship, while staying on the agreed-upon budget.

4. The sunroom is custom built to match the architecture of your home and to be as unique as the house to which it is attached. 

5. The entire sunroom addition is completely handled from the design, necessary permits, the manufacturing and construction, and service afterwards. 

For more information:

If you are among those considering sunrooms San Diego or anywhere in southern California, or have any questions about how a sunroom will benefit you, please feel free to call TEKNIK INC, an experienced and knowledgeable licensed remodeling contractor, at 858-775-7628 or toll-free at 1-888-747-2013. An initial consultation is FREE. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

DIY Wall Dividers

I'd been eyeing to do a bunch of DIY projects at home.  Not only it's economical and practical, but I guess this is so fun and fulfilling.  Imagine doing something great for your homes by just using cheap resources and a little sense of creativity.  I am still in the process of completing our recent project which is the additional bedroom and I'm thinking of what wall divider would be best to install in this additional room.  I want something unique and captivating. 

I have found these ideas though and thought that these are something worth considering:

I was so ecstatic seeing all these designs. This can be a big relief from the traditional wood or concrete wall dividers. Really a winner!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Aluminum Balusters Enhance Decks

Although iron is a strong building material, many decking builders use aluminum balusters because they’re durable, reliable, and less expensive. Over time, aluminum won’t corrode or rust; this is why professional contractors always use aluminum deck supplies in harsh environments. 

Benefits of Building a Deck with Aluminum Balusters

Aluminum is a lightweight material and has a thick coating that’s stronger than steel. When compared to iron, aluminum is less expensive, so it’s a great option for homeowners on a budget. 

Once the material is in place, very little maintenance is required because aluminum balusters can handle wet weather and dry heat very well. Thanks to the special coating, aluminum balusters remain shiny, so you won’t have to invest in any paints, varnishes, or polishes.

Since aluminum is easy to use, many baluster manufacturers make their products in a variety of designs. If you own a home that has a unique layout, you can still build a deck using aluminum balusters because they can be customized.

Why Aluminum is a Great Investment

When aluminum is manufactured, workers place a protective layer into all surfaces. This film prevents corrosion in damp environments. Stainless steel doesn’t offer the same benefit since the oxidation process happens fairly quickly. Oxidized metal surfaces aren’t attractive; when air and moisture covers the material, the surfaces become dull and brown. Aluminum is a better financial option because galvanic corrosion hardly ever occurs. This process only happens when aluminum materials are exposed to a nobler metal and an electrolyte that produces a high level of conductivity.
Ensuring Long-Lasting Resulting 

When shopping for aluminum deck material, select a product that has a powder coating. The coating is made out of a dry material that gives the metal an extra layer of protection. If your home has a vintage or modern design, you can easily build a deck that matches the design scheme since the powder coat is manufactured in different colors.

Aluminum balusters for decks are worth considering because they’re durable and dependable. The materials stand out on residential properties. This is why many contractors use them during typical renovation projects.

Ways To Decorate With Stones

I have lots of garden stones at home which were used as garden flooring last time but for some reasons, I've found this flooring idea unfit for our kind of set up.  You see, I have several dogs at home and my little dogs would love to "do their thing" either on the garage or on the garden area, so cleaning their mess on the stone flooring at the garden is really a pain in the neck.  Because of this, we need to update our garden to something else, so we've decided to remove the pebbles on the floor and replaced them with tiles.  Because of this, I have lots of spare garden stones.  Some were put on the plant box and pots and others were just kept in sacks.  

This is the reason why I am looking for ways to decorate with stones and I was very pleased to find great ideas such are the ones on the photos above.  I think these ideas are very easy to make and are fun to do.

I am doing these projects very soon and will post my actual pics once they're done. I am really excited to try these, hope I could find time to do this together with my other craft projects.

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