Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Entertainment Center

Now that everything is getting portable, the entertainment center at home is getting smaller as well. Kidding aside, since I began adapting to a minimalist life style, I tried to get rid of what's not so important.  As a matter of fact, I sold most of my home decors like framed cross stitch, wall frames (four seasons) and almost 90% of my ceramic decors which are on display almost all over the house before.  I want our living room to be a bit roomy and less cluttered so I keep only what I believed to be essential.  Goodness gracious, I've recently found out that we have about 6 to 7 DVD players at home, most of which are no longer in use.  We've managed to disposed one and hope we can sell the others too.  In my entertainment center, I just need a set of television, a home theater and a player to play songs or listen to FM radio station...that's it!

My daughter used to dream of having a music corner in her room but I don't think it's applicable now. I seldom see her play the guitar as well.  Not that I'm happy that she's separated from her hobby but I am just enjoying the freedom now of getting away from unnecessary expenses.  I used to buy her a lot of accessories for her guitar like bass string tuning and the likes.  At least now, she could focus on less expensive hobbies.

Somehow, I enjoyed being a minimalist, it's very liberating and allows me to live simply and more comfortably.

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