Thursday, February 25, 2016

Garden Upgrade

Since we had done some major improvements to the house late last yer and early this year, the mess created by non stop construction works has affected our little garden in front of the house.  We have decided to remove the old wood canopy which is just decorative with a more elaborate one which is functional.  We've used polycarbonate for the canopy this time.  I wanted that even it's functional, it will also fit and give us a garden atmosphere where a little sunlight could still go through. It is more pricey though but given the benefits, I do not regret shifting to polycarbonate roofing this time for the garden.

We've bought additional plants this time although we already have a variety of plants acquired through the years.  Some of these plants were neglected and withered over time so, we need to buy some more this time although we only require few to accentuate the old fish pond turned into a plant box.

This is the old fish pond where we have a variety of fishes and those rocks in the background serves as the mini water falls.  However, since we let go of our house helper two years ago, maintaining the fish pond is quite difficult for me as I have to do tons of jobs daily.  Aside from that, we previously had a problem with stray cats catching the fishes in the pond not to mention that you need to keep it opened as when the water in the pond is stagnant, a bunch of mosquitoes will likely start to build up. So we all agreed to convert this fish pond to a landscaped garden.

Since the garden is just small, we don't need a professional landscaper to do the job although initially, we did hire a landscaper when we wanted a fish pond with water falls and everything else in the garden.  So this time, since it is just purely restoration and upgrade, and being a gardener myself, me and my son have decided to do this ourselves.  Besides, this is a perfect bonding time for both of us since he was away from home for about 7 months due to his job abroad.

Old garden accessories were just repainted and repositioned to complement the entire set up.  Our garden pebbles which used to be covering the floors were collected and replaced on the landscaped plant boxes.  The excess were kept on sacks for future use.

We've bought few pieces of garden accessories though like these two towers as some were already broken during the construction works. But we've discovered that we have a lot of empty pots scattered everywhere and we've started to collect these one by one, painted and replanted.

Even the concrete garden set was repainted to complement with the overall color motif of the house. Earth color is really "in" now and it really looks decent and elegant. 

This is me doing the final touches.  Well, it doesn't end here as I am still planning to introduce added features soon.  My vertical garden is also on it's way and I will really make it happen by hook or by crook. Lol

Well..that's my restored and upgraded mini garden and my future goal is to be able to work on the other mini garden just outside our dining area.  I am really excited to work on this so a big good luck to me!

Till my next post!

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