Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blinds or Curtains?

My daughter had installed blinds in her own bedroom a couple of months ago and I was impressed on how it transforms her bedroom into a more sophisticated look. She's been urging me to allow her install blinds in her room but I always discouraged her because I was thinking that blinds are more difficult to clean and maintain as compared to curtains.  Another reason why I am a bit skeptical about having blinds for window treatment is because unlike curtains, installation of blinds requires assistance from a professional.

When my son came home for his vacation, my daughter sought his approval for installing blinds in her room.  I was just surprised one day that she already bought some blinds using her own money. Since that time, I was planning to call our favorite handyman/repair man to do some minor jobs in the house, my son and daughter thought of having him fix the blinds at the same time.  I was glad that our handyman was able to install it easily.

After looking at the final outcome, I would admit, I admire it's sophisticated look. My daughter's bedroom looks more decent and elegant.  I was also pleased with it's functionality.  Using the string rod, controlling the lights coming from outside the window is so easy and the best part is that my daughter achieved what she wants, having the much needed privacy without sacrificing the need for natural light in the room.

Now I am thinking if I would do the same for our living room since, I am also looking at privacy issues since I noticed that our living room can be seen from outside especially at night time since the house is elevated from the street.  I am now looking into the issue of cleaning and maintenance and after I am convinced that it could be done in a bliss, maybe I would push through with my plans of installing blinds in the living room.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Clever Ways To Organize

If you are a busy person like me who juggles everyday tasks, chances are you're having a difficult time planning your "to do list".  I would admit, I have tried different ways to make this work..I came up with a daily "To do list" which didn't work well for me as I normally forget about the tasks or I suddenly get occupied`with something else to do.  I don't know but it's really hard to stick to your list, at times.  Blame it to social media and cell phones who will keep on luring you to check with them once in a while. Probably, I would opt to listen to loud music powered by roland synth as I would definitely get away with it in a matter of minutes which is not the case when it comes to peeking in my social media accounts.

I suddenly thought that sticking to your daily or weekly "to do list" would be a lot easier if you put this on display on the area where you normally pass every now and then.  This idea of using clothes pin is cute and simple.  Thanks to Vanessa Beaty for sharing this idea via Pinterest.

This goal list is very flexible, you can change the notes every week.  I guess this is nice to be hung on the kitchen area where Moms like me usually hang around.  I am tempted to make this one for myself.  I am guilty of missing out on a lot of tasks and this is not good for someone who always love to be productive like me.  

I would have to choose now which of one of these two ideas will be great for me! :)

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