Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ways To Decorate With Stones

I have lots of garden stones at home which were used as garden flooring last time but for some reasons, I've found this flooring idea unfit for our kind of set up.  You see, I have several dogs at home and my little dogs would love to "do their thing" either on the garage or on the garden area, so cleaning their mess on the stone flooring at the garden is really a pain in the neck.  Because of this, we need to update our garden to something else, so we've decided to remove the pebbles on the floor and replaced them with tiles.  Because of this, I have lots of spare garden stones.  Some were put on the plant box and pots and others were just kept in sacks.  

This is the reason why I am looking for ways to decorate with stones and I was very pleased to find great ideas such are the ones on the photos above.  I think these ideas are very easy to make and are fun to do.

I am doing these projects very soon and will post my actual pics once they're done. I am really excited to try these, hope I could find time to do this together with my other craft projects.

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