Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sunrooms Have Many Uses

A sunroom can be just that, a place to relax and enjoy the sun and fresh air as well as the outdoor scenery but within the comfort, weather-free, and bug-free atmosphere of the indoors. A sunroom can also be the site of additional space in order to entertain guests or business customers or co-workers, become the home office to give it an additional purpose in the pleasant surroundings, be an exercise room filled with appropriate equipment, be used for growing plants and starting seedlings, be a crafts or hobby display room, or for anything else for which you might like to use it. There is the additional asset that it also adds value to your property.

Other names

A sunroom is also called a sun porch, sun parlor, solarium, patio room, Florida room, a garden room, garden conservatory, and a few other flattering names for an attached or integrated structure that allows the pleasure of the surrounding landscape while being in the shelter of your home. 

Benefits and Advantages

1. Construction costs often are less than those for other types of additions because of the savings if you simply close in a porch, deck or patio. In addition, installing screened windows lets in sunshine and fresh air. 

2. Sunrooms cost around one-third less than a stick-built room and is usually completed an average of 60 percent faster. 

3. Construction supervisors and/or project managers are available at any time throughout the building of the sunroom to explain all phases to you as the homeowner and to make sure that everything flows efficiently, smoothly, with the best craftsmanship, while staying on the agreed-upon budget.

4. The sunroom is custom built to match the architecture of your home and to be as unique as the house to which it is attached. 

5. The entire sunroom addition is completely handled from the design, necessary permits, the manufacturing and construction, and service afterwards. 

For more information:

If you are among those considering sunrooms San Diego or anywhere in southern California, or have any questions about how a sunroom will benefit you, please feel free to call TEKNIK INC, an experienced and knowledgeable licensed remodeling contractor, at 858-775-7628 or toll-free at 1-888-747-2013. An initial consultation is FREE. 

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