Sunday, September 4, 2016

Coffee Station

If there's one thing that I can't do without, that's having a cup of warm coffee every morning when I wake up and in the afternoon, while having a break.  I wouldn't call myself a coffee addict but coffee is something that keeps me going.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee soothes my senses.  Because of my great love for coffee, I just thought of why not have a coffee station at home.  That would be a nice idea, I think.  I love something like these:

Well, I am thinking that if you have an organized coffee station at home, perhaps you will never find the need to visit any coffee shop where you need to spend a treasure just for a cup of fresh coffee. Indeed, it's true because I do bake cakes, cup cakes and other sweets, so there is really no reason for me to visit an expensive coffee shop except when I need to have a change of ambiance.  But you see, I'm doing my best to make my home a relaxing place to stay so having coffee elsewhere will only happen once in a while.

The designs for coffee bar/station as shown from the above photos are really perfect for a simple DIY coffee bar.  You just have to be creative, so there's no need to spend much really.  I especially like the quotes on canvass, I think they are super fun and cute.  I can't wait to have one soon. :)

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