Saturday, October 22, 2016

Garden Experiment - Organic Fertilizer

I was filled with awe seeing my potted Sampaguita plant almost dying. No, not again. I guess this is the fifth time that I've repotted Sampaguita plant and as expected, leaves become dull and dry after a few weeks and there are some brown spots all over the leaves.  I was challenged with this failure...I am a gardener wannabe and I will never give up.  I've read a number of articles online and found out that coming up with your own organic fertilizer is not really that difficult.  As a matter of fact, everything can just be picked up from your kitchen scraps.

I've decided to give it a try. I've concocted my own mixture of organic fertilizer by mixing egg shells, banana peelings, vinegar and coffee grounds. I used a blender to thoroughly mixed all these ingredients, kept it in a jar overnight, then I started to use it with my newly repotted sampaguita plant.  
This is how my plant looked like before I applied the fertilizer:


I mixed my organic fertilizer with the soil on the pot making sure that this touches the roots of the plant.  Then I make sure that it gets a little water everyday.  After two weeks, this is how my Sampaguita plant looked like:


You will notice that it got more leaves now and the color of these leaves are bright green and looks shiny.  I was really happy seeing this big change.  This only shows that I was successful in my newly concocted organic fertilizer.  My Sanpaguita plant now looks very healthy and as of this writing, it still continues to grow more leaves.

To be honest, I intend to use this organic fertilizer for my upcoming vegetable garden since I want to make sure that I would successfully grow my long planned vegetable garden. This is indeed a challenge since, I am looking at container gardening and vertical gardening for my vegetables, so keeping them healthy is really a must.

Now, I became even more determined to push through with my plan and I am going to start working on it very very soon.


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