Sunday, November 6, 2016

Outdoor Living: Is Rural Living Right For You?

Many of us dream of a home in the country. Something quiet, off the beaten path where we can relax and get back to nature. From mountain cabins that you can purchase in Colorado to Vermont farms for sale, there are many options to explore when looking for a quiet and a more rural existence. So, how do you know if rural living is right for you?

Rural Living Makes People Happier

Scientific studies and research have confirmed what many have long suspected: living in the city is stressful. In fact, research suggests that those who are born and raised in rural areas suffer less from depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. This is because the emotional centers of our brains that process stress are affected by living in crowds. This is great news for anyone who is looking for a quiet, less stressful life in the country. Research backs up what you intuitively already knew. Yes, you will be happier living in the country. 

Living In The Country Could Be The Right Choice For You

A smaller community means that you will find assimilation an easier task. When you move into a smaller rural community, you will find that your neighbors will want to get acquainted with you. Many of them may visit your home and bring your welcoming gifts, strike up conversations in the market, or just stop by to chat. 

Senior Citizens 

Many of those in their fourth quarter of life are searching for ways to make the most out of their golden years. Retired couples often seek the quietude and solace offered by the rural lifestyle. The downside to this quiet existence for seniors is that the distance from their home to hospitals and urgent care facilities may be extended when they choose to live in the country. 

Entertainment Options 

For those wishing to escape the sprawling madness of suburban chaos, the country is perfect. You will not find the traffic and noise associated with large box stores, huge malls, and never-ending lines of chain restaurants. Despite the lack of modern suburban amenities, you will find entertainment of a different sort. In small town communities, folks gather around with the mentality that they are "all in it together." This way of thinking spurs community activities such as school productions, sporting events, local craft fairs, crafting clubs, and other community activities.

Home Prepared Meals

As I am a busy Mom who's always at home and yet, always occupied with lots of of things to do, I can't help but to find ways and means to manage my time well especially when it comes to cooking and preparing foods.  

I think finding ways to have healthy meals available anytime of the day has always been a challenge. There are times that I'm feeling hungry and wants to eat but I simply can't afford  to go back to the kitchen and cook especially when I'm already super tired with all the household chores, and my evening classes are about to start.  There are times, I would just resort to calling my daughter asking her to just buy something from a nearby fast food or restaurant on her way home from school. I know it's not wise to do that everyday, so I have to find ways to plan our meals ahead.

I have thought of preparing this pasta salad in a jar which I could keep in the ref for up to 3 days. The dressing should be placed at the bottom part of the jar, followed by the cooked pasta, then the greens like cucumber, lettuce and onions.  Also, I added some crispy chicken slices to make it more satisfying and filling. 

Apart from this pasta salad in a jar, I also baked some pigs in a blanket which I could just reheat in the microwave anytime I wanted to have a quick snack.  I think it's all worth it.

These pigs in the blanket is so easy to make and you can stock it up for few days consumption. Just reheat in the microwave and you're set to go.

These are just few ideas, more to share soon.

Electro-Mechanics Help Many Businesses

The need for electro-mechanics is increasing in many areas because the technicians help engineers test and operate robotic equipment. Because different industries use different kinds of machinery, a typical electro-mechanical technician must implement certain procedures to achieve specific results.

Electro-Mechanic Service Methods

At most business facilities, electro-mechanical technicians study different schematics and blueprints. They also examine diagrams in order to determine how different electro-mechanical components should be sequenced. Whenever certain components need to be measured, precision tools are always used to ensure professional and reliable results. If needed, a technician may also operate commercial machinery in order to construct fittings and housings.

An electro-mechanical engineer also tackles tasks that involve maintenance. Depending on the industry, various inspection procedures must be implemented to pinpoint defects on vital equipment. Later, if a machine malfunctions, other steps will to taken to repair specific hydraulic components.

Where Services Are Needed

In most cities, business managers need electro-mechanical specialists who understand how to use machines in industrial environments. Businesses that rely on precise data also seek electro-mechanical technicians; in this situation, a mechanical expert must analyze different test results and prepare paperwork. The files basically have information that describes how certain tests were conducted.

Businesses that specialize in electronic component manufacturing use devices that rely on a variable frequency drive. Other industries have machines that use this particular drive as well, such as:

Mining companies
Engineering companies
Manufacturing plants

No matter how an electro-mechanic technician uses a frequency drive, a highly trained expert usually provides help along the way. Many technicians network with mechanical and electrical engineers throughout repair, installation, and maintenance projects. A lot of heavy lifting is done during a typical electro-mechanical job. In some cases, hazardous toxics may have to be used so that a technician can successfully complete specific tasks.

The electro-mechanical industry is very popular, so it’s a great career path. A typical machinery manufacturing technician generates around $57,000 a year. If an electro-mechanical career sounds interesting, you can increase your chance at finding employment by getting a proper education. With a degree, you may be able to land a job that’s more profitable. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Decorating Your Lanai On A Budget

When we had a second floor constructed atop the garage late last year up to beginning of this year, We've purposely included a small lanai behind the staircase. As we have broken down the wall to the dining area and replaced it with a sliding glass partition, I already envisioned that I would like to have a small lanai which I can decorate and filled with ornamental and hanging plants.  I was thinking that it would be a refreshing view from my dining area. If you frequent this blog, then probably you would understand that I am a person who adores plants.  I love gardening so much that it seemed like I have converted our humble home into a peaceful oasis where you can see greens...greens and lots of greens.  

Decorating my small lanai is quite a challenge due to a number of reasons:

First, it has a limited space, so I have to make sure that everything that I will add in that little space will fit in perfectly and will not make the place too crowded.

Second, I have a limited budget to spend for my decors so I have to make the place looks stunning without compromising my funds.

Third, I want it simple and straight forward.

Fourth, I only have myself to work on it, so I have to make things less complicated as possible.

Realizing these requirements, I started to shop for the things that I need and I was happy that I did not overdo my budget and yet I was able to achieve what I actually want perfectly.

Here are some of the photos of our transformed lanai, cute and simple. :)

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