Saturday, November 5, 2016

Decorating Your Lanai On A Budget

When we had a second floor constructed atop the garage late last year up to beginning of this year, We've purposely included a small lanai behind the staircase. As we have broken down the wall to the dining area and replaced it with a sliding glass partition, I already envisioned that I would like to have a small lanai which I can decorate and filled with ornamental and hanging plants.  I was thinking that it would be a refreshing view from my dining area. If you frequent this blog, then probably you would understand that I am a person who adores plants.  I love gardening so much that it seemed like I have converted our humble home into a peaceful oasis where you can see greens...greens and lots of greens.  

Decorating my small lanai is quite a challenge due to a number of reasons:

First, it has a limited space, so I have to make sure that everything that I will add in that little space will fit in perfectly and will not make the place too crowded.

Second, I have a limited budget to spend for my decors so I have to make the place looks stunning without compromising my funds.

Third, I want it simple and straight forward.

Fourth, I only have myself to work on it, so I have to make things less complicated as possible.

Realizing these requirements, I started to shop for the things that I need and I was happy that I did not overdo my budget and yet I was able to achieve what I actually want perfectly.

Here are some of the photos of our transformed lanai, cute and simple. :)

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