Thursday, December 8, 2016

Adding A Modern Touch

The front room of the home, often known as the living room, is one of the areas that you want to showcase more than others as it's the room where visitors will see first and where the family will spend the most time. When you begin adding frontroom furnishings, think about an accent wall where you will place a couch as well as a wall that you might want to paint a different color so that you can highlight your favorite decorations and accessories. This could also be the wall where a fireplace would be in the room. A plant or two could be added on each side of the fireplace or a modern bookcase in the center of the wall with chairs on each side. 

A idea if you plan on entertaining or if you have a large family is to get two large couches, positioning them across from each other with a coffee table in the center. Gold accents with dark gray or black couches and added white furnishings is a modern trend that is popular in many homes. Natural textures in a room that is full of beige and white is another option if you want a modern look. Teal, orange or blue would be ideal to place with the natural background. The natural setting gives a relaxing environment while maintaining an eclectic appearance. 

If you plan on changing your decorations during the year, consider a neutral color with the couches, chairs and other large items that are in the room. Stagger the height of the couches with chairs as the eyes will have something to take in while scanning upon entry. The neutral colors will allow for adding bright pillows, lamps and other decorations that will pop in the room. If you have an open space, then consider overstuffed couches and chairs as well as larger accessories, such as a wall clock and coffee table that take up more room than the traditional design. You'll find that this idea makes the room seem full instead of using furnishings that are of a traditional size in a bigger room.

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