Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cheaper Alternative For Home Decors

I think decorating on a budget would always be the concern of every Mom. I know that it isn't a must to decorate if you are really on a tight budget, but what about if you can have some improvised home decors without having to spend much. You just need to have an ounce of creativity and you will surely come up with some exciting ideas that's not only unique but attractive. 

Let's take this jar as an example, which I made out of the empty plastic dog food container.  I have one of this every month and I keep these instead of throwing because I know that I can turn these into something decorative and useful.  You ca use this as extra storage jar for anything that you would like to store and because it is dressed up, it can be a decorative piece, too. 

Another one I made is this cute corner decor which is actually made from twigs and small branches that I just took from the backyard.  I spray painted it for an extra color, added some flowers from recycled plastic bottles and just added some string lights for an added drama.  This really looks awesome during night time when the living room is dim. It is simple but looks elegant.

Now, I'm up to doing more weekend projects in time for Christmas! :)

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