Sunday, December 4, 2016

DIY Garden Accesories

I have made these cute DIY garden accessories out of empty plastic bottles.  The idea came out when I saw our plastic bottles at home accumulating in number.  I saved all these in a big plastic container until I have the free time to make these into flowers to adorn my garden.  This is very easy to make. All you need is to cut the upper portion of the plastic bottle, form this into petals and spray with paint on any color of your choice.  I just have started with this first but I will be making more accessories like bugs and butterflies and I also would like to have more colors like blue and yellow.  I think that would really bring life to my garden.

I am really a great fan of arts and crafts.  I am so amazed that so many things can be made out of trash so you only have to spend a minimal amount to turn them into something useful and decorative.
What more? It brings out the creative side of me.

It's a win win situation actually! :)

More on my craft projects on my future posts.

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