Thursday, January 12, 2017

Celebrating Christmas In Our Home Sweetie Home

Just like last year, there are only 3 of us who celebrated Christmas in our home sweetie home.  Last year hubby was here but my son wasn't able to join us due to his job overseas.  This Christmas 2016, my son was here but my hubby wasn't around. It seemed like it's very hard for us to be complete on this very special day due to their commitment at work, nonetheless, we still managed to celebrate Christmas happily.  After all, this is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and remembering Him on this very special day and sharing the sweet moments with our loved ones is what matters most.

Our celebration was just plain and simple, we had just prepared a simple Christmas dinner at home and invited few relatives to come over to hand in their gifts especially the kids.  After that, we had our traditional exchange of gifts and just spent time together trying to catch up with each other especially with relatives whom we do not used to see at this time of the year.

As my kids love to take photos, we just spent the rest of our time taking our photos around the house. here are some of our happy moments last Christmas. 

I know this is quite late but I would like to wish each and everyone a blessed Christmas and a Happy New year.  

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