Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas Kris Kringle At Home

At my age, I am still very much excited with Kris Kringle which has been a tradition in our home every Christmas eve.  I still have the same excitement every time I shop for gifts and always looking forward to what my kids had prepared for me.  The only thing that had changed is my preference for gifts.  I think, as you get older, you are slowly changing your priorities.  I did not believe this last time but now I'm feeling exactly how I was told about this long before. Of course when you get older, that means you have already experienced long years of working and you have probably rewarded yourself many times with material gifts that you tried to justify because you are working too hard. 

Last Christmas, my daughter came up with an idea of coming up with a wish list wherein we have to list down at least 5 things that we want to receive for our traditional Kris Kringle.  Surprisingly, I did not list down any fancy thing, I have listed down something that will keep me stay healthy like a fruit basket and basket of fruit juices and salad dressings.  Well, my kids fulfilled my wish and I have gotten myself 2 pretty baskets exactly what I wished for.  Of course, the end result is "happiness". :)

Luckily my daughter did not ask for anything grand like a new electric guitar or amp 150.  I bought her a new and cute power bank instead.  I am supposed to give her a pair of nice doll shoes but she is very particular with the design of the shoes, so I don't want to end up giving her something that she wouldn't like.  I think a nice power bank is a good idea, and that is also one of her wishes.

We had fun during our Kris Kringle, we were so excited to give and receive our respective gifts to all the members of the family. This is one of the many traditions I wouldn't like to miss each year.

How about you? Did you have your Kris Kringle, too?

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