Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Loft Living

We have officially started with our new project for 2017.  This has been in my goal list since last year and although it is not very easy to raise funds needed for this project, me and my family really worked hard to have this thing happen this 2017. We long wanted to convert our idle land into something that could provide us with an extra source of income, and so we came up with an idea of constructing a 2 units of small apartment.  Our budget is tight and we wanted to make full use of the small piece of extra land that we have, so we have decided that rental units will only be on the second floor and the empty space on the ground floor will be utilized for another project.  Because of this, we are challenged to come up with a design that would maximize the use of space, maybe something simple but complete and functional. Because of this, I thought of coming up with two one-bedroom units with loft for extra sleeping space so that each unit could cater for at least 3 to 4 people.

The following designs seemed to be attractive for me:

I am really a big fan of space saving ideas and when it comes to maximizing space, I always challenge myself to come up with something extra ordinary that would give me endless possibilities.

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