Wednesday, September 20, 2017

DIY Decors

Just sharing a glimpse of what we have done during the initial stage of setting up our events place business at home.  We were on a tight budget during that time, so we just thought of recycling some of what we already have at home like those big pots which we have converted into small coffee tables, then we just invested on some hanging and indoor plants.  We had spent quite a huge sum on the construction of the building itself, so we just maximize what was left on our budget for the interiors. Good thing that both my son and daughter had an artistic inclination so, everything was done tastefully.

I am glad having applied all the tips and tricks that I've acquired since I've started to blog about home decor trends.  Inputs from my co bloggers and the a vast information I've acquired through research and readings were such a big help.

Since then, we have already introduced improvements to what we've initially started.  Interior decorating is one of my big passions and hobbies that I wouldn't trade for anything else as it defines who I am now, not to mention that it had opened various earning opportunities for me.

Will be posting more of our DIY designs soon. :)

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