Sunday, October 8, 2017

Unique Curtain Designs

It's been years since I dressed up my windows with new curtains.  I was focused into saving for the longest time and I just thought that I still have few sets of nice curtains anyway. However this year, if budget permits, I would like to dress up my windows once again. Christmas is just around the corner after all and I've been dying to put up a nice Christmas decorations this year as well. This plan is always being postponed from the past years due to a tight budget because of my non stop projects.

Last year, I just put up my old set of curtains in the living room...

Not bad huh? But given the chance, I would like to make this year more special. A lot of things had been happening to me and my family this year and I would like to celebrate these milestones by putting up festive mood at home.  Perhaps, I could invite some family members to drop by for an intimate celebration.

I am thinking of something different for my new set of curtains and at the same time, something that won't hurt my pocket that much.  After all, not all things that are expensive are pretty and not everything that is cheap is ugly, am I right? :)

Looking into these designs:

For my kitchen, I love to do something like this:

Or this one....oh my, this is so cutie! :) Shabby Chic..that is!

For the living room, I think I would still be using my old see through white curtains but I may just be adding a cute valance to match those.  Cheaper that way isn't it? :)

I am now excited to shop for nice fabric prints for my curtain project.


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