Sunday, December 17, 2017

Caring For Your HVAC System At Home

Most of us have central air and heating in our homes and don't think much about it. We know our HVAC system keeps us cool in the summer and warm during the winter and that's enough for us. One of the things we may not realize is that our HVAC systems are not maintenance free. They do require some care on our part. However, the care we should give our HVAC systems is not hard or time-consuming. It just requires consistency.

Change Your Filters

Your filters should be changed every 30-60 days. It's difficult for your system to push air through a dirty filter. Your HVAC system will work harder which usually means it will run longer. This translates into a higher utility bill. This is why one of the best cost-saving maintenance tasks you can do is to change your filter. It will keep your system happy and well. Plus, filters are fairly cheap.

Keep the Exterior Unit Free of Debris

Most people neglect their exterior unit because they don't realize that it needs attention too. As the seasons change, it's common for leaves and other debris to collect on top and around the exterior unit. This is potentially bad because dirt, twigs, and leaves could eventually get caught in the fan causing it to malfunction. However, there could be other interferences with mechanical parts of the exterior unit as well. It's best to periodically check your exterior unit and clear it off as needed.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced Annually

Many people overlook the necessity of having their unit serviced, even when it's working well. This should be done annually. An HVAC technician can come out and check your system from top to bottom to ensure the parts are working properly. They will also make sure that nothing needs to be replaced and the coolant levels are where they should be.  This can actually be a cost-saving move because a technician has the ability to replace a worn part before it malfunctions and causes damage to your system. A tech who focuses on commercial hvac repair tomball tx would provide the same service for a commercial unit.

It doesn't take a lot of time, effort, or energy to care for your HVAC system. All it requires is consistency. Take the time to maintain your unit on a consistent basis and it will run well and be less prone to disrepair and malfunction.

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