Thursday, December 21, 2017

Create a Decorating Flow Throughout Your Home

Many homeowners do not realize how important it is to have a flow from one room to another within their home. Have you ever gone to someone’s house and thought how beautiful each room was, but it was as though something just wasn’t quite right. Chances are they didn’t have a flow within the home. Each room should coordinate with the ones around it while still maintaining a unique feel. Use the following tips to do this in your house.


The wall and floor colors in each room should all coordinate with one another. The best way to do this is select the color you want for the main room such as the living room. Use the strip of colors on the sample you picked up at the paint store to choose colors for the surrounding areas. Those paint sample strips do the work for you by already grouping matching colors together.


The look of the furniture should blend well form room to room. Start by choosing a style. For example, if you like a rustic feel, look for an Austin furniture store like Primitives Furniture and Accessories to outfit all your rooms. You don’t need to buy everything new. Simply choose one or two new items for each room to create a coordinating theme.


Accessories are the easiest way to create a flow. Use matching frames for all of the photos throughout the house. Have all throw rugs in the same color no matter if they are in the living area, kitchen, or bathroom. Have all window treatments match. If you use lace curtains under the living room drapes, use lace curtains in the dining room too.

Now that you have followed these tips, you should have a nicely decorated home that flows from one room to the next. The true test of whether you have achieved this will be to take an accessory item like a throw pillow from the living room. Carry the pillow from room to room, and place it in a chair. Does it look like it belongs? The colors and styles should still coordinate. If you can say that it does fit in with every room, you have successfully created a decorating flow within your home.

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