Saturday, January 20, 2018

3 Reasons to Custom Build Your Home

Whether you are looking for your first home or you are ready for your next, custom-building it instead of purchasing an existing house has a few benefits. Even if you have some home-building experience, you do not have to go through the entire process on your own. Professionals, like those at phoenix custom home builders, are available to plan, procure the necessary permits and break ground with you. 

Here are three reasons why you may consider custom-building your home.

Learn as You Go

How involved you are in the building process is up to you. The more involved you choose to be, though, the more you will learn about the way your house works. From Plumbing to the electrical wiring, if any of it ever malfunctions, you are more likely to understand why. You will be better prepared to fix or replace the circuits in question. This knowledge saves you time, unnecessary headaches and potentially costlier future expenses. Plus, if you are interested in expanding your home or making other modifications to it later, you will be able to estimate how possible they are before consulting with a professional.

A Home, not a House

In the earlier days of America, especially before the Industrial Age, Americans, for the most part, built their own homes. History has recorded that they felt a sense of pride and closeness to their home and surroundings because they laid brick by brick and nailed wood plank by wood plank. Custom-building your home means that you can have the same pride and closeness to your house, too. If you watch, or if you participate in the process by helping pour cement, hammer in nails or sand wood pieces, your new place will become your home.


When you custom-build your home, you will not have to take out a mortgage. You will still incur sizable expenses, but estimates show that building a home saves homeowners about 25% over purchasing one that already exists. For those who would like to exercise their negotiating skills, this is the time. Creativity can go a long way in procuring reasonable supply and labor services. 

If you are ready for a home, but have not found the one that speaks to your heart, custom-building is an option. You will have the opportunity to learn and financially invest in what could be your forever home.

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