Sunday, January 21, 2018

3 Tips To Keep Away Pests

Whether you are enjoying the pleasant weather with your family in the backyard or you are gathered together around the television watching the latest movie in the living area, it is hardly ever fun to be surprised by unwanted pests on your property. Pests make their way to your property for an array of reasons. The good news is that an infestation can be prevented. If you have noticed that preventative measures may be too late, do not hesitate to call in the professionals from termite control waldorf, for example. After an evaluation, you will be given a list of options and costs.

To keep pests away from your property, here are three tips you may consider following.

Yard Maintenance

Before pests crawl into your home, they crawl into your yard. A yard offers many hiding places for termites, spiders and ants, so they may not be spotted before it is too late. Regular yard maintenance, like raking leaves, mowing the grass and outdoor furniture re-arranging, offers you opportunities to inspect the area. If you find any critters hiding under the patio furniture, feel free to chase them away and to take other measures. 

Seal Your Home

If you notice water or air leaking into your home, it means that pests can enter, too. Windows are usually the first leak-culprits, so start your inspection there. Next, inspect the basement. If you notice standing water on the floor, damp walls or rust on appliances, it indicates that your basement needs to be waterproofed and checked for pests, like termites. During this visual inspection, you are searching for cracks, gaps and warped closures. Not only will sealing them improve your energy costs, it will also keep tiny intruders out.

Indoor Cleanliness

Chances are you take the time to clean the inside of your home. Sweeping, dusting and mopping are great, but you will also want to take other measures. Pantries, shelves and drawers should not contain open food packages. If you do store the cereal, rice or snacks in their original packaging after they have been opened, seal them with clips. Pests are great at sniffing out food. To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not leave these kinds of enticements around your home.

To avoid pests infesting your home and causing expensive damage, maintain your yard, seal your gaps in your home and keep the inside clean. 

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