Saturday, January 20, 2018

Keeping Your Property Hydrated Efficiently

When it comes to keeping your grass green and healthy, you have to be careful about how much water you give it.  Over hydrating your grass can be just as detrimental as not watering it enough.

Still, unless you have some level of training in lawn care or horticulture, you might not know what the right level of water is for your lawn.  By signing up for regular lawn care services, property maintenance, or professional irrigation St Louis homeowners like you avoid this worry altogether.

The Right Level of Moisture

Watering your lawn is not as simple as turning on the garden hose and letting the water soak into the top soil.  You have to take other things into consideration primarily the amount of precipitation you area has received in the last few days.

During dry spells, your grass will need more water than during times of heavy rainfall and humidity.  However, unless you have a rain gauge and a humidity detector, you are not going to know how much precipitation has fallen and how much moisture is in the air.  You could accidentally over water your lawn when it was getting enough from the natural weather elements.

The system that the company can install in your lawn comes with sensors to tell exactly how much water your lawn needs.  It detects the level of moisture in the ground as well as the grass itself.  Based on the readings, it can then turn on the sprinklers as needed to keep the lawn healthy and hydrated.

During heavy periods of rain or high humidity, the system will turn itself on less often because the lawn will not need the extra moisture.  Your lawn remains lush and green regardless of the elements and your own level of attention to the property.

Saving Money

This smart technology helps you save money on your water bill because you avoid using too much to keep the lawn alive and green.  When you use the garden hose or sprinkler system too much, you run up your water bill.  During times when your lawn is already hydrated, you essentially waste money on something for which you never should have had to pay in the first place.

This technology is fast and simple to set up and does not require any effort on your part.  You can sign up for or learn more about it by going online to the company's website today.

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