Monday, February 26, 2018

Top 10 U. S. Cities For Bed Bugs and How To Treat Them

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that hide in beds and feed on human blood. Here are the top U.S. cities for bed bugs and the top bed bug treatment options to try if you find them in your home.

New York

New York comes in at number one on the bed bug list. Even trendy clothing stores and hotels have fallen victim to the little bloodsuckers. See more, click here, etc. about New York’s bed bug problem here.


Philadelphia is known for a lot of things, including its historic sites, beautiful countryside and…bed bugs. This city has earned the number two ranking for bed bug infestations in the United States.


The human population may be on the decline in Detroit, but the bed bug population is thriving. This city has claimed the unfortunate title of number three in the U.S. for bed bug infestations.


Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the most popular spots for bed bugs. They’ve even been found in the public library.


Chicago has a reputation for its jazz music, deep dish pizza and old-timey gangsters. However, it’s now adding bed bugs to its list of notable features. Public health officials are urging citizens to learn the signs of bed bug infestation and popular bed bug treatment methods.


Pest control experts in the Mile High City are receiving an unprecedented number of bed bug calls. The creepy crawly creatures have been spotted in hotels, movie theaters and homes.


There are many things to see in Columbus, Ohio, including the renowned Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the Franklin Park Conservatory and the German Village. Unfortunately, many tourists can’t avoid seeing bed bugs during their stay in the popular city.


Dayton, Ohio, has drawn some unwanted attention in recent months due to its thriving bed bug population. The city has earned the number eight spot on the list of bed bug-infested U.S. cities.

Washington, D.C.

America’s Capital may be able to hide many of its political scandals and secrets, but it can’t hide its bed bug problem. The nasty critters can be found in many hotels and some public areas in the city.

Los Angeles

Humans aren’t the only species that like to party in L.A. It turns out the city has a healthy population of bed bugs as well.

Treatment Options

If you have bed bugs in your home, call a pest control company right away. You can also remove excess clutter from your home so bed bugs have fewer hiding places. Click here for more information about bed bugs and Terminix treatment options.

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