Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cat Party

Our client had decided to celebrate their two lovely cats birthday in our event's place and also commissioned us to do a simple cat design party for Michy and Marble.  At first, we were ecstatic knowing that we will be having a cat party in our place with real cats as celebrants.  Sounds so cute right? :)

After they have reserved the place for this so cute event, we've started to prepare all the arts and crafts materials that we are going to use during the party.  I would admit, it's not very easy to come up with ideas on how are we going to do this and besides, we just charged them a little.

We've decided to use mostly papers in doing the designs and came up with a dozen of colorful balloons and that's it!  We've designed the plates to appear like a cat face to make these coincide with the team.  Glad that our guests did not mind it having heir meals on the said plates.. :)

One thing good about our business is the opportunity to enjoy doing things we absolutely love, making or job more fun and rewarding.

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