Saturday, September 22, 2018

5 Reasons to Seek Professional Chimney Repair

The creation and maintenance of a chimney is a highly specialized part of masonry. Below are five reasons to consult with one of these specialists for necessary repairs.

Damaged Cap or Crown

Keeping the chimney crown in good condition helps keep the structure sound and stable. It should be replaced if there are cracks or missing chunks. The chimney cap helps keep the internal area of your chimney dry. It blocks rain and snow from entering at the top. You need to have it replaced or repaired when it has been damaged or is missing.

Chimney Leaning

A leaning chimney can be a sign that the foundation beneath has given way due to soil erosion or structural failure. It may require rebuilding the chimney after completing a foundation repair. Look for the specialists in chimney repair Pittsburgh PA area homeowners call on to solve these types of problems.

Crumbling Mortar

Over years of being exposed to sun, wind, cold, and inclement weather, the chimney mortar joints can begin to decay and crumble. Allowing this problem to progress will lead to chimney failure. It also allows moisture a free pass to enter the chimney and home.

Loose, Broken, or Missing Bricks

Loose, broken, and missing bricks all have an impact on the chimney stability. It's also a sign that there are some weaknesses in the mortar that needs fixing. A chimney expert will be able to repair the areas and have your chimney looking and performing great.

Damaged or Corroded Flue Liner

A flue liner runs from the opening of the chimney above the firebox all the way to the top of the chimney. It is usually made with steel or aluminum. The steel can rust and begin to fall apart. An aluminum flue liner can have small holes penetrated by hot sparks. Replacement is essential for safe operation.

Whether you use the fireplace in your home, or maintain it for aesthetic purposes, keeping it in working conditions adds to the value of your home. Seek out experienced chimney experts if you discover problems that require repairs.

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