Friday, September 21, 2018

Going Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is an option to consider if you're looking for something that is easy to keep clean and that comes in a variety of colors. The first step is to look at vinyl flooring in Orlando, FL and other cities to find the kind that you want. It's sometimes easier to choose the floor before choosing the furniture that goes in the room so that you have a better idea as to how everything will look and so that you know what options you have when selecting the items that will go in the room.

Take measurements of the room before you get the flooring. It's better to have too much flooring instead of not enough in case the color that you want is sold out or you can't get enough of the flooring later on to finish the job. You can always take what you have left over back to the store to get a refund or find another project around your home using the material. Make a sketch of the room with the dimensions to show the person at the hardware store so that you can get all of the materials needed for the room instead of just taking a list of numbers with you.

Examine the subfloor in the room. If there are areas that aren't level, then they need to be smoothed out before you can install the vinyl flooring. A patching compound can be used to fill any holes that are in the subfloor. Let the compound dry before you install any padding and the vinyl. When you lay the vinyl on the floor, you need to mark areas where you'll need to cut the extra material away before you completely attach the flooring. Spread adhesive on the subfloor that will keep the vinyl in place. A hand roller is good to use to ensure that the flooring is flat and that it secures to the adhesive.

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