Sunday, November 18, 2018

Four Signs You Need a New Roof

It's not a part of your home you think about very often, but it is one of most important structural parts of any house. We're talking about the roof. It is the first line of defense against the elements and one of the few parts of your home that people can see from the street when they drive by. It's important to keep it in top condition at all times.

Of course, there are obvious reasons to get a new roof. It could have 
a leak or visible missing shingles. In these cases, you should definitely contact a roofing contractor odenton md has to offer. From there, they will help you decide whether it is a better idea to fix or repair your roof.

There are more subtle signs that your roof is on its last legs. You'll want to look out for them to avoid a serious disaster from taking place in your home.

Four Signs You Need a New Roof

- Shingle Dust - Periodically, check the gutters on your roof for particulate that may have broken off of the shingles. If the dust is starting to build up, it's a sign that your shingles are going to start breaking and falling off. Check for this at least once per year, more often if you have had your roof for at least 10 years.

- Sponginess - Walk on your roof annually. Does it feel spongy or bouncy? If so, it means that moisture is leaking through the outer layers. This could build up and cause mold to form.

- Valleys - If you notice a dip or valley in your roof from the street, it's only a matter of time before things get really bad.

- Age - Even though it may not have any apparent problems, it is a good idea to replace a roof that is over 20 years old.
If you have had your roof for a long time or are experiencing any of these other issues, contact a local roofing contractor today. They will inspect your roof and give you options for both replacement and repairs.

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