Sunday, December 30, 2018

Keeping Your Home Clean

When you have a really busy schedule, it can be really difficult to figure out how to maintain a clean home. Plus, if you have children, traffic and your marriage to think about, the last thing you want to do is think about cleaning anything. However, no one should get used to living in a dirty home on a regular basis. There are a few rules you can implement that allow you and your family to enjoy a clean home on a consistent basis. 

1. The sink isn't a storage unit

The sink is one of those items that can serve as a catalyst for disaster. The sink is meant to be a place where a person washes their dishes. Unfortunately, a lot of people thrive in procrastination. As a result, they use the sink as a place of storage. They place dirty cups, dishes and utensils in the sink. Instead, wash the dishes once you use them. Make sure your family members understand this as well. When you all maintain this habit, it'll look and feel foreign for anyone to a single dish in the sink. 

2. Clean up after you're finished

Make sure that all of your family members understand this rule. It's mainly because it's the reason why so many homes look and remain cluttered. Whether it's a pot you've used to cook with or a toy one of the children is playing with, make sure there's an understanding that nothing should ever be out of place. It's also wise to confirm that everything has an assigned spot. The crayons belong in the crayon box in the playroom. The washcloths belong in the linen closet. That one task of putting items back where they belong can transform the overall cleanliness of a home. 

3. Enlist the help of professionals

There's nothing wrong with getting the help of a professional cleaning service. So many people use cleaning services in order to maintain their sanity and save time. If you have special instructions regarding how to clean a specific vase or your stunning white oak plank flooring, make sure that's communicated during the initial walk-through. When you have cleaners who come on a weekly basis, this decreases the chances of messy environments piling up. 

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