Thursday, December 27, 2018

Routine Services to Keep Your Home Warm

After a long summer, your attention may turn to getting your home ready for the winter.  You may plan on replacing the screens on windows, sealing cracks and holes in the walls of your home, and cleaning out the ventilation system in your home.

Additionally, you may want to have your fireplace and chimney inspected and serviced by professionals trained and experienced in this work.  By hiring professionals for maintenance, repair, and chimney inspection dc residents like you can have the peace of mind you need to know your fires will burn safely this winter.

Cleaning and Lining

One of the primary services you may want to invest in as a homeowner is having your fireplace cleaned and relined before the cold weather hits.  During the summer months, debris like leaves and birds’ nests can clog your chimney stack.  When you try to start a fire in the fireplace, you may accidentally ignite a blaze that could put your home at risk.

The chimney sweep service will inspect and clean out your chimney stack to ensure it is empty and safe in which to burn fires.  The contractors can also put new lining in the chimney to protect the brick masonry of the structure outside of your home.

Brick Mason Repair

The outside bricks on the chimney are just as important to the safety of your fireplace as the interior hearth and lining.  When the bricks are cracked or there are holes in the caulk, you could inadvertently cause gas leaks inside of your home.  These leaks can put the health of your family at risk.

The company has brick masons on staff who can inspect and repair the brick mason work and also the caulk around the bricks.  They can replace cracked or broken bricks, spread new caulk, and otherwise repair the chimney structure on the side and on top of your home.

Ensuring the safety and integrity of your fireplace and chimney is key to burning safe fires to warm your home this winter.  You can find out more about the services and hire contractors for this purpose by going online today.


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