Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Protect Your Yard From Ticks the Natural Way

Pests can invade your yard all year long, but during the Spring and Summer months the fleas, ticks, spiders, and other creepy crawlies often appear in large numbers. To keep them out of your yard and away from your children and pets, here are four natural methods you can use.

Repellents Keep Bugs Away
Spraying areas of your yard with a repellent can reduce the population of bugs dramatically in just days. When choosing a flea powder or safe tick control spray, consider calling in a company that uses peppermint mixed with cedar oil or permethrin. These natural sprays can eliminate the problems bugs while keeping your yard safe for friendly insects such as bees and butterflies.

Plants Help You Repel
The list of bug-repelling plants is a long one and filling your yard with this vegetation can help remove the insects. Garlic, lavender, Mentha mint, rosemary, and citronella are just a few of the many options. Strategically locating these plants in shaded areas will allow the shrubs to help you repel the unwanted insects and arachnids.

Animals Love To Eat
One of the best ways to organically remove ticks, spiders, and other annoying bugs from your yard is with the addition of chickens, peacocks, and guinea hens. A large part of the fowl’s diet consists of crawling things, and they will not harm your plants as they pluck the undesirable bug from the foliage.

Sunlight Keeps Them Away
Ticks, fleas, and most other bugs that may invade your yard can not withstand the heat of the summer days or any direct sunlight. That is why they hide under moisture filled leaves or in shaded areas. If you have an area your children play in, make sure it is showered in direct sunlight for at least four hours during the day.

Protect your home from ticks naturally using the four ideas above. You do not have to be a walking smorgasbord for creepy crawlies when wandering through your yard. Be safe and fight back with nature’s help.

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