Sunday, July 28, 2019

Three Things Everyone Should Keep in Their Car

Other than the obvious tire change kit that comes with most modern cars, there are some items you should consider stocking up on to be considered a responsible driver. Whether you own, lease or borrow the vehicle that you use, you should plan ahead for potential road crises.

Utility Rags

As unimpressive as this suggestion may seem, industrial wiping rags are one of the most flexible and useful tools you can keep on hand in your automobile. For starters, you will be grateful you have them when checking the oil or replacing fluids. You can use them for wiping the fog from inside your windshield, instead of greasing up the glass with your hands. They come in handy when cleaning up spills or leaks, especially if you keep extra gas or fluids in your car. 

One of the most common issues on the road is an overheated engine, even though it is easily avoided. Coolant is simple to apply yourself once you've located the reservoir. If you notice your coolant is low, you may not be able to make it to the nearest store before your engine overheats.  Plus, driving without coolant can damage your engine. Consider keeping a bottle in your trunk, so do some research on which coolant is right for your car.

Jumper Cables
You can't always depend on others having cables when you need a jump start. You'll need to become the person with the jumper cables. Talk about boosting your dependability points! You can take pride in being 'that person', prepared for any situation. This could be a good gift to get everyone in your life, as well. That way not too many people are counting on you to come to the rescue.These items are affordable, easy to use and can be found at most retailers. With some simple forethought, you could be known as that smart and savvy driver that knows how to handle anything.

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