Monday, September 23, 2019

Helping Your Child Choose A Career

As parents, there is no doubt that giving your children a quality education is one of our biggest desires. No wonder, parents do everything to ensure that their children will go to the best schools and get a degree they want.  Apart from providing good foods and a comfortable shelter, a quality education is what every parent hopes to give their children.  This is so because, we equate a good education to a good job once they finished college.  However, parents role do not end in providing financial assistance and support.  It is also important that we guide them in choosing their career path. 

There are lots of courses available and determining which one would best suit your child should be a decision of both the child and the parent.  One of the most popular courses available on almost all schools and universities is Engineering.  Many students find this not only rewarding in terms of easy access to various jobs but also very challenging.  When choosing a career path, your child will never go wrong when he combines strenght and passion. I often hear parents telling their child to choose a career that will give them the most money.  Well, it may be true to some but not for everyone. Doing work you love makes your life more fulfilling.  It is therefore imperative that we guide our children in their search for a job that they will truly love.  

One of the most popular Engineering field that I often hear is Industrial Engineering. Personally, I find it both difficult and challenging.  It answers many important problems in manufacturing and distribution of goods.  The best part is being able to change or modify how things are executed to speed up job completion, increase quality and productivity and ensure safety of the workers.  Learning this, students maybe exposed to a lot of tools and equipment like torque gauge. A lot of products have been researched, studied and developed in this field of study like the ones you can find

Some companies were also established and hired experts to provide services like the ones from:

Industrial Engineering field is indeed a lucrative job.  Industrial Engineers apply different methods to complex system integration and operation. Because of this, they ought to have knowledge and skills in a wide variety of disciplines. Whether your children pursue this career path or not, the most important thing is to refrain from pushing them to do what they don't actually like.  Do not make your children an extension of yourselves although in some cases, children learn to love what their parents do. 

Our children should be reminded that to choose a career they love is a long process of experimenting and discovering what they are truly passionate about.  Be patient with your children as they go through this stage and assist them in coming up with this difficult decision.Encourage them to grow and be the best version of a person that they want to be. 

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