Sunday, September 22, 2019

Making The Most Out of Your Family Travels

Traveling with your family can be both fun and challenging but despite the tons of preparations like scouting for the best places to visit, trip itinerary, buying OOTD's, visa applications and conditioning your minds, hearts and pockets for that once in a lifetime adventure, a lot of people are still looking forward to family trips. Some people choose not to travel with their families because they believe it has too many challenges especially when you're with kids.  Another reason is that family holidays are so expensive.  Obviously, holidays can really be expensive especially when you are not flexible with flights and you are eyeing for the most comfortable accommodations. However, if you are not too particular with the airlines and travel dates, you can find some useful tools in the Internet such as UTO Vacation that could help you manage your trips effectively.

Traveling with family can create life long memories and a best way to detoxify and breathe from a stressful work environment. I haven't had the privilege to travel a lot during my childhood days. During those times, heading to the province and visiting grand parents on school breaks has already been my definition of travel. I never had a chance to take a plane until after I got married and have kids.  Only then I experienced what a real travel is.  It's more than spending money, it's like getting lost and finding yourself again while you create meaningful memories. It's so liberating! I've been hooked on travelling ever since. I derived great pleasure visiting unfamiliar places, understanding various cultures and meeting a lot of people.  The next thing I knew, I already tagged my family with me and began working on DIY itineraries.  We would normally visit museums, theme parks, historical places and of course shopping malls and souvenir shops. Who wouldn't like shopping anyway? I even remembered to have bought this grooming tool for my pet and can't wait to use it back home.  Aside from that, I was able to bring home a lot of souvenir items at a real bargain price.  I seldom book an organized tour from the hotels I've stayed, I normally want to explore on our own and that is how we can discover night markets which is not only a place to buy some really good stuff but where you can also have a taste of local foods. 

Above all those experiences, what makes travelling special is that it helps our family reconnect in a way that nobody else does. Life gets really busy at times and spending time together during travels is like getting back the most of what were missed or left during our normal day to day routine. It's great to have that wonderful bond every now and then and reconnect at a much deeper level where each member of the family gets full attention from each other.

Deciding to go on family travels is one of the best realizations that I have and would always be thankful for.

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